The Wotless Jam

The Wotless Jam

The Wotless Jam @ Club 43

The Wotless Jam is back in it’s brand new venue, Club 43. I found the venue to be a relaxed, laid back setting with friendly efficient staff, the ideal recipe for a great night.

The vibe inside The Wotless Jam was live. The DJ’s had the crowd on the dance floor and everyone was involved and having a ggreat time. The Wotless Jam continues to live up to it’s name. New venue, same wotless behaviour (yes you were all spotted lol).

Overall it was a good session, the turn out for the opening night was excellent. The general feeling from the crowd was that they enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately there was a slight technical hitch which drew the night to an abrupt end for some party goers. However I have to send a shout out to the DJ’s and everyone who was involved in getting the technical issue rectified as quick as possible in a calm, controlled and professional manner. Once fixed the vibes were reinstated on the dance floor and the night continued.

All I can say is the Wotless Jam is back and it’s going to be bigger, better and much more wotless behaviour than before. Watch this space!

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Pictures and review by Soca Bailey

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