Soca Frenzy: Togetherness Concert

Soca Frenzy: Togetherness Concert

sf-togetherness-concert-flyerA massive shout out once again to the Soca Frenzy team. They put on a great concert with some of soca’s current ‘hitters’.

  • Soca Johnny (UK & Dominica)
  • Ricardo Drue (Antigua)
  • Asa Banton (Dominica)
  • Leadpipe and Saddis (Barbados)
  • Fireman Hooper (St Vincent)

Togetherness was the name of the concert and togetherness is exactly what Frenzy did by bring artistes from different countries together under on roof.

Scala, Kings Cross, London was packed and the vibes were high. The true soca lovers where there to represent and show their appreciation. There were some small minded fools who insisted on trying to spoil the vibes for everyone but once they were brought under control the vibe continued.

The performances by all the artistes were good. We heard all the hits we wanted to hear and got a taste of some new soca.

When is the next Togetherness Concert? We need more of this. Its great for the scene, the artistes and the culture.

On The Stage

Crowd Shots

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