Worst Behaviour Road Trip To Leicester

Worst Behaviour Road Trip To Leicester

It is a simple yet great idea. Fill coaches from across the UK with soca lovers and drop them off in the middle of the UK for a fete.

The Worst Behaviour team put on a great event with their Road Trip To Leicester. For some people it was a chance to fete properly to soca. For others it was an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, see new faces and make new friends.

The Leicester crowd were friendly, welcoming and ready to party. The crews who made the road trip were hyped and ready to fete, a great combination.

Worst behaviour is the perfect name for some of the behaviour we saw!

The DJs shelled down the place with a great mixture of music ranging from soca to dancehall. 2015 soca was played which was good to hear and see that a lot of people were up-to-date with the latest soca.

The venue was the perfect size for the first event but I have a feeling as the event grows a larger venue will be required.

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