The Official #473 Camouflage Wear Party

The Official #473 Camouflage Wear Party

#473 Camouflage Wear Party did not disappoint! Real nostalgic, real mas. It transported you to the islands with its authentic feel. This party was a Grenadian affair, from the food on sale too Skinny Banton performing live.

Mentioning the food, let me say it did not disappoint, from manish waters to salt fish souse. Not only did they boast a wide and varied menu, but all options were high quality and delicious. Shout out to the fish soup!

I must admit, the party wasn’t as expected. This is beacuse I felt that by the advertising, it was going to be more of a jump up than a dance. However! Let it be noted that I was not disappointed, the intimate relaxed atmosphere made for a night of chill and inclusive fun.

The bar… just like home, was overcrowded and over demanded. PSA: one bar is never enough. All future event promoters please take heed! One bar is never enough.
Waiting in long lines not only kills your vibe but it wastes your time. That being said, any event that sells stag in the U.K. will make it worth my while, so #473 you get lucky.

The beauty in #473 was the vibe, feeling like a big people party, with space for mas. A true best of both worlds.
Massive respect to the organisers, who incredibly managed to finish on time. No song was played past 4am. Which is something we all know is such a rarity! No trouble, no violence, no fights and no technical difficulties! To be quite honest, it was not only smooth but efficient.

When the party bangs… it must go on eh? So #473, trust me… I go catch you a next day.

Review by Renee Campbell

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