About Us

Who Are We And Why Do We Do What We Do?

In a nutshell we are a team of Soca Loving Enthusiast who saw a need to unify all the soca happenings in the UK.

We know that the UK has a great platform to showcase our Caribbean culture and we want to make proper use of that platform.

We know that there a lot of hard working and very talented people around the UK who love and contribute to the Caribbean culture. These talented individuals cover a wide range of skills; singers, producers, dancers, mas band owners and designers, djs and the list can go on and on. They all want their talents recognised, appreciated and marketed correctly to as wide an audience as possible.

We want this for them as well.

We want to be the online outlet for all this talent.

We will then market our site to the mass audience.

This is our talent. This will be our contribution to the culture. It is what we know how to do and we do it well.

What Does This Mean For The Talented Contributors And The Audience?


THE TALENTED – can focus on what they are good at. They don’t need to know about or worry about Social Media marketing, blog marketing or pay-per-click marketing. They can do what they love doing and are good at doing. We will display it for them.

THE AUDIENCE – (you reading this) will know that this is the place to come to find out about anything you need to know about soca in the UK. No longer will you have to be ‘in the know’ with the ‘right people’ to find out information. No longer will you have an excuse that ‘you didn’t know’ that a certain event was going on. WE are here and WE will be providing all the information YOU need.

We are the bridge between the two.

The Future For Soca In The UK


So here is the BIG PICTURE as we see it.

We (as in all of us) will finally have a reliable resource for our niche (Caribbean Culture via soca music). This will  add value to our niche, allowing us to have more control of how our niche is represented to the UK market.

Proper marketing will lead to better avenues for sponsorship and investment. Sponsorship and investment (when managed correctly) will lead to growth.
Growth is unlimited for all. For example.

  • What was started as a small mas band may one day tour the world with their band, truly entertaining an international crowd.
  • A DJ who used to only play in their bedroom may grace the global stage with their talent.
  • No longer will there be this yearly doubt about Nottinghill Carnival. We would be unstoppable every year.
  • A Mas band designer may get asked to design for other non-soca related events. Their talent will shine through and be recognised that it can be transferable onto other platforms.
  • The UK can be the first country to hold an official International Soca Monarch sponsored and supported by big businesses and sectors of interest.
This list can keep going for every person or group of people who are productively contributing to the soca scene.
It will not happen over night. We have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. But here is where we start.
Be on the journey with us.