NEW MUSIC – Lavaman WUK (Like Ah Boss) – SD Productions UK


NEW MUSIC – Lavaman WUK (Like Ah Boss) – SD Productions UK

lavaman-wuk-sd-productions-uk-320NEW LAVAMAN – @ WUK [LIKE AH BOSS]
Written & Performed By: Lavaman
Produced, Mixed & Mastered By SD Productions UK

‘At Wuk’ paints a clear picture of what sometimes occur between couples when they attend fetes, boat cruises or while on the road behind the big truck with the most vibes. These scenarios along with the infamous love triangles are real life occurrences in relationships are being told by Grenadian Soca artiste Lavaman. 

Telling his stories creatively, Lavaman covers the issues from his perspective stating that “I sang it from my side after seeing that a girl has her man and has still been expressing interest in me.” As part of his story he discusses his relationship with a woman which was called off because she preferred to remain in a relationship with a man she was with before him. According to Lavaman, “I Guess I did very well cause she came back and told me she dump her man for me”, his thoughts led to him to ask in ‘At Wuk’, “Who tell her come back??”

Well explained details and Lavaman’s signature style which are accompanied by addictive and melodious rhythms from SD Productions UK are sure to invoke movements. Both SD Productions UK and Lavaman are known for uniqueness and creativity and ‘At Wuk’ is no different. As they continue to deliver hits, all music lovers are encouraged to engage in the music produced by both Lavaman and SD Productions UK; it is worth your time. 

Written By : Adanna Asson

Check out WUK (Like Ah Boss)

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