PRESS RELEASE: The Canvas – Triniboi Joocie


PRESS RELEASE: The Canvas – Triniboi Joocie

The Joocie Camp present:


Carnival is the time to express yourself; to release your creative and uninhibited self…

Step into Joocie’s Art Studio where “Your body is de brush and I am de painting board”. We have all de paints and palettes set so feel free to set your wrists (and waist) in motion. Ladies it’s the season for you to take full control: “Do what you want wid me girl…I want you to paint my picture!”


Triniboi Joocie comes with another lyrically charged anthem for 2013 on SD Productions exceptional Mandolin Riddim. “Pos’ it up against de wall…” Pos’ it up on yuh Facebook wall!!!


by The Joocie Camp

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