Get To Know Your UK Soca DJs: DJ Tate

Get To Know Your UK Soca DJs: DJ Tate

Hi DJ Tate

We appreciate the work you have put into the scene over the years and we think it is about time the community got to know more about you.

1. How did it all begin and what inspired you to become a fully-fledged DJ?

I just fell into it. I always loved music and played piano, in 2000 I moved to the US and wasn’t around my piano so I used the turn tables as a replacement. My uncles and cousins are DJs so throw that in the mix as well and you end up with me.

2. Where did your DJ name come from?

Tate was a name my first serious girlfriend gave me cause I was so sweet (LOL) and I used it on an online forum community from 2001 and it just stuck, even my family call me Tate now except my mom LOL.

3. What was the first record you ever bought?

No, I have never bought any vinyl but first CD I ever bought was Ready to Die by Notorious B.I.G. and still today remains up there with my favourite albums, probably still is my favourite album.

4. What kind of equipment do you work with?

I cut my teeth on vinyl but never played a party on vinyls, so u can say I started on CDs, but then got tired of walking with 4/5 CD cases and went over to Serato. I think between me, DJ bones and DJ Matthew we have to settle the dispute of who was on it first, I know I was the first to go exclusive to it though.

6. What sets you apart from other DJs?

I dunno, my style of play, my bravery on the mic, I consider myself the one man sound not afraid to play what I feel like playing.

7. How would you describe your style of playing?

‘Sexual’… sometimes the crowd wants it hard and fast, sometimes slow and intimate.


8. Tell us how do you unwind after each gig?

By listening to radio LBC, watching news, or browsing YouTube for conspiracy theories.

9. What are your thoughts on the soca scene at the moment and what would you like to see improve?

My main gripe about the UK soca scene is too many people with big talk and very little action, that goes for DJs, promoters, “managers” etc. Too many people in these positions selling their souls for free gigs.

10. What advice would you give to up and coming DJs hoping to break it out on the UK scene?

Learn your craft before you decide you are going to look for bookings, you don’t have to learn everything because you will never know everything but take time and grow. Develop your own style.

11. What is your favourite soca tune of all time?

Of all time is a hard one but Stranger is up there from Shadow, Lorraine is there too, Bicycle, Congo man, One bad apple, Tout moun dance by Burning Flames. Fog has been added to that list, that’s just off the top of my head but that’s about it for now.

12. Who is your musical soca icon?

I don’t really have one.

13. Favourite 2013 soca lyric and why?

I don’t have one but four songs. I think Fog by Machel Montano (written by FBE) is just the best written soca song of all time, every line is just brilliantly timed and corresponds with the overall feeling of the song. Next is Touchless by Bunji Garlin – those first 8 bars is up there with my best lyrics of all time, in any genre. Next is Bunji Garlin again from None like this “cause when I coming, I’m coming with thats coming something and its coming with singing and humming with a whole lot of african drumming, blow off the whole damn place like a soviet bombing!!!”
Next is  Whistle and horn by Cassi, I have always loved his stuff, Chazu is a wicked song writer and he and Cassi’s flow gels well together. “Remember when i tell you bout the jungle? Thought was beast in the jungle, when I start feast in the jungle and cease to believe is beast in the jungle.”

14. Where do you spin usually and where can music lovers find you?

Nearly everywhere really but recently I have just started my own night, called  Ram Jam on Thursdays with Soca Frenzy but yes Soca Frenzy, Soca Jumbie is where I can be found and a lot of other places.

15. And last but not least 5 things that we didn’t know about you?

LOL can’t tell you that. I am a pretty private person so those 5 things that people don’t know will remain so.

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