What Makes A Good Soca DJ


What Makes A Good Soca DJ


I recently saw this question asked on Facebook (shout out to Djorn who asked the question).

In your opinion what makes a good (soca) DJ? More specifically, what makes one (soca) DJ different from another?

Now that is a really good question.

There are different types of DJs playing soca in different ways and for different reasons. Some we love, some we like, some we tolerate, some need support, encouragement and time to develop and some we stay as far away as we possibly can from.

I would love to hear your answer to this question, so head on down to the comment area and share your views.

My answer is simple (broadly speaking).

A good soca DJ requires – Understanding. Knowledge & Courage

A good Soca DJ needs to understand that they’re purpose is to entertain an audience. This audience can be varied with a 40+ year old  feter who has been on the scene for many years and knows his/her music in the same fete as a teenager who has just been allowed out to their first fete.

A good Soca DJ needs to know their music. Classics, back-in-times, present day and if they have good connections pre-releases. Its no good just having the music. A good DJ should know how to play the track, when to play the right track, which tracks compliment the track they are playing and how long to play the track for.

A good Soca DJ should be using their knowledge of soca music to educate their audience about soca music from wherever it is created. Soca doesn’t belong to anyone place or Island. There is great soca music coming out from all over the world. A good soca DJ should be all over this and be actively sharing it with the masses.

A good Soca DJ should be fearless. They should stand out and not be the same as the rest. Sometimes mistakes will be made, but a good DJ will learn from these mistakes in order to make the listeners / audiences experiences greater.

The difference comes when a DJ strives to be the best s/he can be. Encompassing all I have stated above and more, pushing forward fearlessly to newer, higher heights.

What do you think. What makes a good Soca DJ? And what makes them different from one another?

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