Press Release: SD Productions UK New HOT Riddim Release

Press Release: SD Productions UK New HOT Riddim Release

Press Release: Mandolin Riddim

Official Release 20th May 2013 

Produced by SD Productions UK

Hot on the pulsating and highly anticipated Berlin Carnival trail and from the streets of West London pulsating with the clamorous sounds of house music, SD Productions UK continue to belt out a string of riddims, bringing the 2013 European carnivals to life. With historical elements of the audible timbale drum beating in the background and lending help from the percussion family, the belting of the triangle reminiscent of the Caribbean can be heard infused with the mandolin guitar.


Mandolin riddim is a wonderful combination of European and Caribbean beats and an apt sound to drop at the height of the pending Berlin Carnival and soon to be UK Carnivals. Highly anticipated, this is a riddim that is sure to awake the energies of revellers as they stomp, prance and jump their way around, intoxicated by the wonderful feeling of carnival. With each artist lending their artistic and different vocal ranges, this is sure to be the anthem cementing the skill and illustrious sound abilities produced by SD Productions UK.

Artists featuring on the Mandolin Riddim are, Triniboi Joocie, Soca Johnny, Muzik Lil Muzik, Lutenants, Scrappy & Mr Killa.

It is not only the revellers that will be taken by this latest offering. Not to be left out, Soca Johnny, Lutenants and Scrappy have provided a sneak peek into the songs that were inspired by this riddim.

Soca Johnny – Don’t do that
Don’t do that: In true Soca Johnny style, this song mixes well, articulated, cheeky lyrics with a catchy melody to tell the story of a typical night out. ‘Please doh do me dat’ highlights the perspective of a young man who falls prey to the seductive techniques of a young lady. From the first line ‘Girl I know you is trouble – but I caar leave you alone’ the scenario of young man’s will to ‘Be Good’ unfolds and is tested to its limits. Just before he concedes defeat he pleads with her ‘Please doh do me dat’

Scrappy – Carnival Starter
Carnival Starter – Is the track that makes the party get hype. One of those tracks that at a point and time of the song being played, makes the party live. Carnival Starter is the new way to get that level of energy surging through the fans and supports. Party thee and party vibes all in one fete.

Lutenants – Doh Lecture Me

No-one likes being told what to do. From the very top in government, to elder siblings, at times it feels like we are being dictated to. ‘Doh Lecture Me’ is the answer to those control freaks.

We like to go out and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Everyone has their ups and downs but listening and dancing to the music we know and love, going to fetes and carnivals or simply just celebrating our beautiful culture, is the only getaway we have from the responsibilities that life may bring, If only for a few hours. With simple but effective lyrics, a quick tempo and harmonious tones; the fourth release by the hottest UK Soca duo is a slap in the face to those who like to be in control.

The Mandolin Riddim proves to be the perfect tool in which to concisely execute the new three-word motto, ‘Doh Lecture Me’. 

Check out the pre-release medley below and look out for the live performances to the riddim from Muzik lil Muzik, Scrappy and Triniboi Joocie at Berlin Carnival with the rest of the artists officially releasing on the 20th of May.


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