Get To Know Your UK Soca DJs: Sun Bailante


Get To Know Your UK Soca DJs: Sun Bailante

Hi Jay a.k.a Sun Bailante

We appreciate the work you have put into the scene over the years and we think it is about time the community got to know more about you.
Below are some questions which we would like you to answer.

1.    How did it all begin and what inspired you to become a fully-fledged DJ?

I started to do parties in primary school in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) where I come from. I brought the radio and K7’s for the end of year parties and I was playing in the classrooms. I kept doing parties for my friends at school until the last years in Paris at the student residence of my University. In Paris the parties got bigger at the student house, we had up to 800 people and I was holding the main room playing a mixture of French Caribbean, House, Latin and Arabic tunes.

I believe people in my island love music and it inspires them in their life. It made me become a DJ.

Sun Bailante Logo2. Where did your DJ name come from?

Sun Bailante means the ‘Dancing Sun’, ‘Bailante’ is a Spanish slang meaning dancing. Sun Bailante is also my promotion label. We do some of the craziest Caribbean parties in London.

3. What was the first record you ever bought?

I never had actual vinyl records. The first K7’s I had were Public Enemy, Snap and MC Hammer. The first CD was Kriss Kross. The first MP3 Soca track was Faluma by Square One.

4. What kind of equipment do you work with?

First I had a K7, then CDs, in 2000 I moved to MP3’s.  I currently play vinyl and CDs that are linked to a Serato device that controls Mp3’s on a computer.

5. Vinyl, CD or MP3?


6. What sets you apart from other DJs?

I specialise is the freshest Soca tunes mainly from Trinidad but I can also play most of the main Caribbean genres (Dancehall, Reggae, Zouk, Kompa, Salsa, Reggaeton…). I also specialise in others Latin sounds (Cumbia, Genero Latino, Samba, Baile Funk…), African tunes (Afro-beats, Afro-House, Soukouss, Coupe Decale, Kizomba, Arabic) and Indian music. Finally I also play the latest urban tunes too. So I believe it makes make the most versatile Soca Dj in the world (loool).

Believe it or not, I am called to do Caribbean parties, I mix in Arabic bars and clubs, West African weddings, the Thames Festival Brazilian after party and also Latino events….

This is my soundcloud account:

7. How would you describe your style of playing?

I am a selectah. I find the right tune to play at the right time.

8. Tell us how do you unwind after each gig?

I don’t need to unwind as I am usually very happy to make people happy.

Jay Sun Bailante being Interviewed9. What are your thoughts on the soca scene at the moment and what would you like to see improve?

I think the Soca scene in the UK is growing. We have some large promoters putting up interesting and innovative events. It’s becoming more competitive but more exciting too. It’s great as more people will get to know about this beautiful music.

The UK Soca artists are making strong progress and they’ve got really good tracks coming out. I want to have more of them performing at my events in the future.

10. What advice would you give to up and coming DJs hoping to break it out on the UK scene?

Try new things and don’t restrict yourself to the Soca Scene/ I play Soca everywhere I go, but I am called to dj because I am versatile and not only because I am a Soca DJ.

11. What is your favourite soca tune of all time?

Frenzy by Rupee

12. Who is your musical soca icon?

Machel Montano, he brings Soca beyond its boundaries.

13. Favourite 2013 soca lyric and why?

I usually don’t listen to lyrics but I like witch doctor by Machel Montano because it is funny and Differentology by Bunji Garlin as it really gets you ready for Carnival.

14. Where do you spin usually and where can music lovers find you?

I Dj at most Sun Bailante events. Every Friday at Mamounia Knightsbridge and every other month Camino Kingscross or Big Chill House…

15. And last but not least 5 things that we didn’t know about you?

⁃    I am not Caribbean as Reunion Island is a French Island near Mauritius.
⁃    My ancestors come from Calcutta in India.
⁃    The traditional music from where I am from is called Sega and Maloya.
⁃    I would love to go and visit Brazil and Colombia.
⁃    My latest mixtape is already out:

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