Get To Know Your UK Soca DJs: Credable

Get To Know Your UK Soca DJs: Credable

Hi Credable

We appreciate the work you have put into scene the over the years and we think it is about time the community got to know more about you.
Below are some questions which we would like you to answer.

1. How did it all begin and what inspired you to become a fully-fledged DJ?

5 years ago, I started warming up at Corks Wine bar  as none of the other DJs could make it at the time of opening. I then realized I loved playing the music I loved so much and carried on doing the same thing every week for about a year or so picking things up from all the other DJs. I then started to play the later slots joining them and just really enjoyed it! One day I finally decided I should play a set for myself and the rest is more or less history.

2. Where did your DJ name come from?

The name Credable came from people asking me all the time about what parties were going on and if I thought they would be good and so on…credible information. I just changed the spelling slightly, and this goes back years…I’ll leave it there! Lol

3. What was the first record you ever bought?

The first vinyl I ever bought was the Boomerang soundtrack album! First tape was Bobby Brown’s first album…do people remember tape and Vinyl?? First soca CD was a soca compilation, I can’t remember the name!

4. What kind of equipment do you work with?

I use CDJs or Controllers with Serato, got to move with the times!

5. Vinyl, CD or MP3?

CDs but MP3s are the way forward now

6. What sets you apart from other DJs?

I’m a feter myself so I know what I want to hear if I was on the dance floor and listen to what people would like to hear. Of course I have my own way of playing music! Most importantly though it’s knowing the music, old & new and trying to read the crowd and not being afraid to change it up a little! It’s obviously harder with just soca but I am doing it and so are others! Its also good to remember you can’t please everyone!!


7. How would you describe your style of playing?

I like to mix, I like to drop tunes and I like to get the crowd moving or singing. I will have someone ask what song was that I played and basically I like to make an impact and make sure it’s a Credable performance, pun intended! Lol! I do enjoy playing with other DJs and of course I mainly play with Mr Hardwine regularly but play with most of the DJs on the soca scene.

8. Tell us how do you unwind after each gig?

I usually join the party, have a rum and take a wine after I have played!

9. What are your thoughts on the soca scene at the moment and what would you like to see improve?

The scene is getting bigger and better for sure, it’s a big subject for what is seen as a small genre to those outside the scene but it’s improving at least!

10. What advice would you give to up and coming DJs hoping to break it out on the UK scene?

Advice I would give is have patience, respect and let your DJing do the talking.

11. What is your favourite soca tune of all time?

Ohhh fave soca tune of all time!?!?! I don’t think I can honestly answer that!

12. Who is your musical soca icon?

Calypsonian would be Baron, I love his songs, favorite group has to be Krosfyah, hits for days and my favorite soca artist is Bunji Garlin, from the days of Send D Riddim, Crazy to Differentology the guy is lyrically too much!!

steven-credable-32013. Favourite 2013 soca lyric and why?

‘Look how the sun now raising up, and the crowd now waking up, the atmosphere have vibes and nothing can break it up’ to hear this tune on Jouvert morning with the Sun actually coming up is a great memory and I think about it every time!!

14. Where do you spin usually and where can music lovers find you?

You can find me at the Release D Riddim events, Bajan Lime, fetes such as Socaholics, Bajan Revelers, Soca Mafia, private parties, in Barbados for Foreday morning with ChocoWuk and Boat cruise, Summercrew fetes and on the Road in Grenada, on the Road for Notting Hill Carnival and other UK carnivals with D RIDDIM TRIBE! Also find my mixes to download or listen to from

15. And last but not least 5 things that we didn’t know about you?

1 – I’m Ghanaian – fully lol
2 – Used to be a promoter of RnB raves with a small group back in the day
3 – Was MC in a H&G tune at one time and recorded a video with a crew (the shame) where I actually started using the name Credable! lol
4 – Before I was heavily into soca I was into old school hip hop but I love all music
5 – Born a South Londoner

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