Release D Riddim: Red Eye Credable’s Birthday

Release D Riddim: Red Eye Credable’s Birthday

Red Eye @ Protocol

Well what can I say, Release D Riddim delivered once again.

Regardless of the venue mix up the place was ram jam. Protocol is a decent size but not for a Red Eye following (they have an army of revellers).

With two rooms hosting some of the finest DJ’s on the UK soca circuit, playing old and new school soca, you was definitely spoilt for choice, both rooms were heaving with wotless behaviour and vibes.

The revellers were kept entertained and in high spirits throughout, even though the temperature conditions and overall hygiene became unbearable at times.

I can definitely say the venue change didn’t affected the Red Eye vibe, still energetic, not for the feint hearted and still anti – stush.

Another successful night for the Release D Riddim team definitely putting in the hard work.


Review and pictures by Soca Bailey

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