REVIEW: RDR 6th Anniversary & D Riddim Tribe Launch

REVIEW: RDR 6th Anniversary & D Riddim Tribe Launch

Somebody… call D Riddim Tribe witchdoctor, ah truly and seriously possessed!

Is it wrong for a band to make you feel possessed? Well on this elevated state of mind, one can easily shout out a resounding NO!

A wise woman once piqued to me, on the eve of a lunar phase when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun it is the rebirth of an existing tribe. At the sound of the resounding horn and at the beckoning of the drums, awakened ancestral tribal spirits travel miles over land and water bypassing nations on the lookout for unsuspecting revellers, hell bent on causing mayhem to souls ignorant of the damage about to be unleashed. Unless the cirrus clouds streamed across the sky on this fateful night were a mere farce brought on by the carbon monoxide fumes from the big birds flying above, the night was brightly lit by the arrival of the full moon and the rebirth of a new mas band.


Date: 28th March 2013

Event: D Riddim Tribe Mas Band Launch, presenting REBIRTH….

Venue: The VOX, 9 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall

Music: When last yuh had a good good wuk? Well regardless of whether you had one before you came out, DJ Bliss, DJ Tate, Mr Hardwine, Credable and DJ Tyrone made sure you had plenty to wuk about and still had room to spread a little and throw a likkle wine. From a wide selection of old and new hits from different islands, the music provided by the DJs put revellers in a trance. Whether you had come out to compare wallpapers with the Vox, or simply had come out to see the band launch and support RDR on its successive 6th year, you had no choice but to join in the crowd and spread your hands and simply let go, no holds barred. Simply put, from the thoughts gathered from the crowd who attended the event, there were ecstatic exclamations and waves of joy and happiness presented on the music played. A big up to DJ Tate, who not only kept the crowd amused, but also took time out to support the fledging UK soca music by playing songs sung by Triniboi Joocie, Lutenants, Steel Toe and Ground Lizzard.

RELEASE-D-RIDDIM-BAND-LAUNCH-28-03-2013-176Crowd Vibes: The place did tun up! Berlin crew was in the house. Tanty’, well I see she in the corner spreading a little and enjoying sheself. Have you ever seen a man on crutches bruk it down and twist his legs to the point where you had to question, the severity of his injuries? Well up until tonight, my short-sighted vision was exposed to the madness that not only enveloped the crowd, but to the euphoria exalted by the revellers who had certainly come out to enjoy themselves.  De stage was not only open to the models parading the costumes, but was laid bare for the revellers and guests who had come out to not to only support RDR, but to enjoy themselves. To the crowd tonight, if allyuh playing mas, you don’t need to ask me or my neighbour twice, to come out and play. You truly represented tonight, the vibes were on the richter scale. Big up to yourselves, it was emotional and sweet! It was also refreshing to see other mas band leaders, shout out to Mike Forbes of UK Chocolate Nation and the Queen of Bachannalia Mas Band, for coming out to show solidarity and support on one of their own.

RELEASE-D-RIDDIM-BAND-LAUNCH-28-03-2013-129Costume Launch: D Riddim Tribe more than outdid themselves. Upon following up with crowd after the event, the main thing on everyone’s lips that I encountered was WOI….the costumes nice, the costumes on point. The only challenge facing the designer, Maria Joseph was the right usage and blending of colours. Needless to say with a resounding vision, the costumes were epic. RDR and Maria the ladies applaud you for the Sunrise section which caters not only to the size zero woman, but to the woman with a fuller figure. Judging by the reactions, I can say right now, Sunset section selling out before you can quint your eye and say you want one. As for the Adam & Eve section, well don’t be surprised if that sells out as well, judging from the reaction from that beautiful green top.

All-in-all: All one has to say is, D Riddim Tribe, sunrise coming and setting again and woi ah still possessed. If that was really your band launch, what is it going to be like on the road…..MADDERIFIC!

“Mad….Wicked… Dread. Me just take a mad injection from D Riddim Tribe launch, people are not going to like their intentions, somebody warn them…..somebody warn them. D Riddim Tribe, they are mad sticky an chupid…..Ahhhhh Notting Hill Carnival 2013 going to be mad…..”!

Here is the video of the band launch


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