Soca Frenzy Emergency Wear Review – 13th April 2012

Let me tell you what I love about Soca Frenzy.

I love they way that Shaker, Kenrick and the Soca Frenzy Team continue to consistently work hard to please and grow their audience.

They have not become complacent, big-headed or stale. Soca Frenzy is a great fete to go to whether there is a big artiste preforming there or not.

Soca Frenzy. We salute you.

So How Was The Emergency Wear Fete?

BADDD!! No artsites, just the Soca Frenzy DJs (most of whom are award winning).


The Venue: Scala has grown on me, I didn’t like it in the beginning, but due to the consistency of going to Soca Frenzy every month, I actually like the place. It is fit for purpose and has a killer sound system.

The Music: When you have award winning DJs on the line up, great sets of music are generally guaranteed. Both rooms were rocking. The biggest tune for the night was by none other than Zipparah Tafari – Ah Where Meh Keys. Ah Where Meh Phone.

The Vibe: Frenzy is known for its wildness and even though last night was a tame night by Frenzy standards there was still plenty of vibes going on.

The Crowd: Mixed age group but generally a younger crowd. This is a good thing. It is great to see the younger generations supporting soca and the Caribbean culture.

Soca Frenzy is going from strength to strength. Their next event is on the 11th May and the fabulous Nadia Batson will be preforming live. This is due to be another huge fete so make sure and get your tickets early.


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