Dragons Mas Band launch Review – 14th April 2012

Dragons Mas Band launch Review – 14th April 2012

Mas bands which have been around for a long while have a great family feeling about them and Dragons are no exception.

Dragons is a Mas Band which has been a main feature on the roads of Notting Hill for many years. They are no strangers to the carnival scene and that showed tonight in their presentation.

Lorraine Emanuel is the designer for Dragons and she has created some great costumes.

In my opinion, the designs will fair well on the road. They don’t look to uncomfortable or cumbersome to wear.


The Venue: The Arch Angel was ‘cosy’ but suited the event.

The Show: The presentation of the costumes was fast and well executed. Everyone had the opportunity to see all of the designs while at the same time the show didn’t drag on unnecessarily.

The Music: Release De Riddim was in full control of the music, so you know a good set was played.

The Vibe: Family, friendly and warm. It reminded me of a big house party with family members who you don’t get to see all the time.

All-In-All: Dragons Mas Band is a great band to join where you will be made to feel welcome. If you have children who want to play mas this is a band you should seriously consider being a part of.

The band launch was a nice event on the right night at the right venue.


Take A Look At The Presentation

Dragons, we wish you all the best @ Notting Hill Carnival 2012 and beyond.



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