Introducing Chenelle Andrews – UK Soca

The new up and coming soca star taking the UK market by storm.

In this article, I offer an exclusive ‘meet and greet’, with the budding young artist.

Born in San Fernando Trinidad, raised between Marbella and Birmingham England, this artist really is the best of both worlds.

Get to know she…

Her mum is her biggest inspiration. Her mother is always bettering herself. She tends to take inspiration from people who are closest to her. She is a recent business management graduate, and
currently works in retail, although she is currently farming gradate jobs.

The biggest obstacle overcame in her career so far, is stage fright. Yes, you heard me stage fright, if this does not attest to her fighting spirit I do not know what else can.

Her biggest fears in regards to her career is releasing music that doesn’t inspire and encourage people. For it to not touch anybody.

Her music is for people worldwide, no specific age, creed or gender. Just anyone that can relate to her lyrics. Her aim is to be consistent. To keep producing and releasing material. To uplift and to build a brand to a point where she has authority to make changes in the world, to inspire people and contribute to change.

She wants to write books to educate and inspire self-confidence. Make vlogs and become a role model. Improve infrastructure in Trinidad. I.e. open more hospitals, of a higher calibre.

She advises that when trying to establish yourself in the UK Soca market you need to be consistent. Don’t be afraid to try, continue to put yourself out there, think outside the box, never doubt yourself and do not take on negativity.

As the UK is not a Soca dominated market it is a lot harder to buss, so making a name and getting herself recognised are challenges she has met and is striving to overcome. That is why it is crucial that we support our own. #MakeSocaAGenre.

Getting up close and personal

Picture a game show, Andrews is on the buzzer, 0.2 seconds to answer each question. Nerves are at a ridiculous high, adrenaline coursing through the body, an assortment of (admittedly random) questions are on the board. The truth is mandatory!

Okay well it was a lot less dramatic than that, but I do love to set a scene. More so a friendly chat in a dressing room, with a quick fire round of questions. In which we find out the answers to the imperative questions that follow below:

Who has the best the carnival?

J’ouvert or duty mas?

What is the most random fact about you?
She has a talent for hairstyling, and is a self-confessed shopaholic

Favourite Soca mix?
DJ private Ryan, and Shaker HD

Most random fear?

Guiltiest pleasure?
Chocolate cake

Any other musical talents bar voice?
Not as of yet, but wants to learn violin

If you could choose another musical talent, what would it be?

What is your favourite Type of soca?
Groovy soca

Best female soca artist?

Best male soca artist?

Dream collaborations?
Destra, The Queen of Bacchanal herself. Or Kes or Patrice, due to their talent and sound.

I don’t know about you, but I see a trini theme running strong eh? Patriotism in its purest.

What song is your bonafide party starter?
A power soca, a hype song. For 2017, jam by Dev (even though it is not a power soca). Or Uncle Ellis Ray Tay Tay, (Remix… just
reminding allyuh that Mya, *cough Grenadian cough* is who sing the song first we. Don’t go losing
out no credit).

Now that you know a little more about her, go and check her out!

Performed By: Chenelle Andrew
Written By: Chenelle Andrew & Atiba “Xone” Chance
Produced By: Anson “Pro” Soverall
Recording Engineer: Dj jeanie & Shaker HD
Guitar By: Mattew Edwin
Additional Guitar: Deon Ryan
Mixed By: Vallis ShakerHD Weekes
Mastered By: Dj jeanie
Recorded At: WuYingXai Studio London
Art By: Upgrade ProductionZ

Follow Chenelle Andrew on Instagram: @itsChenelle
Facebook: Chenelle Andrew  

Her tracks out are amazing and making incredible headway. Savage and nothing better really are worth the listen.

Look out for her upcoming collaborations with the Villanz, and with Fontez. With more songs ready to release,

About the Author

Renee Campbell is a student of the social sciences and arts, who plans to specialise in politics.

Her interests include writing, cooking, martial sciences, photography and all things soca.

When Renee is not pouring pints she is singing, screeching and dancing to soca.

Renee loves to travel and has a passion for the Caribbean, so you can imagine where she ends up the most. When in the islands her only focus is rum, family, beaches, rum, swimming, eating, rum, liming, feting, rum, playing mas, playing jab, rum and of course carnival! She is currently enjoying taking on new projects with us and hopes to keep producing in the future.


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