An Interview With The Lutenants


An Interview With The Lutenants

lutenants-2014-320It was an honour to meet and talk with the #DuoPowered, UK soca artistes who are the Lutenants.

Arriving fashionably late (DJ Triple M) to a great studio location in South East London we finally got the opportunity to find out exactly who are the Lutenants, how they started, where they have been and what their plans are for 2014 and beyond.

Once the introductions were out of the way we dived right in on the more challenging questions such as do they feel supported enough by the soca scene in the UK and what do they think needs to change on the scene to make it a more productive one. Their reply is something we should all take onboard.

Vocally gifted, creatively talented with a deep passion, love and drive for soca, Flawless and Fresh Dizzle (the Lutenants) also treated us to an acapella version of their latest release Your Rays.

Your Rays is a song which is more calypso than soca. It is about a journey that spans thousands of years to find out how much we truly loved the fire in the sky and gain insight into a new way of showing appreciation to our sun. You really get to appreciate just how versatile the Lutenants are with this track.

Check Out The Interview

Your Rays

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You can purchase Your Rays here.


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Doh Lecture Me

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