Trinidad Carnival 2014: Blue Range Cooler Fete 28th Feb

Trinidad Carnival 2014: Blue Range Cooler Fete 28th Feb

Blue Range Cooler fete. To me it still remains the best fete of the Trinidad Carnival week.

It’s a very simple concept. The venue is not to big, not to small. Entry fee (if you get your tickets early) is not to expensive ($300). Entertainment, great DJs sometimes an artiste or two. Pack your cooler(s) with whatever beverage tickles your fancy. Put all your drinks in plastic bottles, arrive early to get a good spot. START DE BACCHANNAL.

It could be because Blue Range is on Fantastic Friday. It could be because by now most people who are coming for carnival have arrived and are ready to mash up de place. It could just be that I am easily pleased or a combination. Either way, if you haven’t been to Blue Range Cooler Fete before you need to change that next year.

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