Soca Frenzy The Valentines Fete – Fri 14th Feb

Soca Frenzy The Valentines Fete – Fri 14th Feb

Soca Frenzy’s Valentines fete was without doubt was the biggest fete to mark 2014 so far and believe me it’s a warm up of what’s to come for the year.

This was a celebration of love (valentine’s day) pride and unity (Grenada and St. Lucia’s Independence) together it just sums up soca music and everything affiliated.

The venue was ram as per usual. Valentines day and the  miserable weather was not deterring anyone. The vibes inside was infectious, flags and rags in abundance the resident DJ’s had the crowd, just were they wanted them in preparation the acts.

Teddyson John, St Lucian born, known for his sing along flows with big tunes such as “Land of Whine” “Baka” and many more. Teddyson engaged the crowd and got the energy levels high, I actually forgot tunes and didn’t even realise Teddyson John was the artist for  a few. It is opportunities and events like these where you really get to appreciate the amount of work and dedication these artist put in to making tunes after tunes.

Tallpree, Grenadian born, known for his mass of energy and unorthodox hair style, with a catalogue of tunes from “Playing a wicked jab” to “Old Woman Alone” plus many, many more. As Tallpree entered the stage his presence filled the room with vibe. He had the jab jab crew through to the two step skankers on their feet, everyone was on a high and infused with energy. Tallpree’s energy levels were consistent throughout his performance, which kept the crowd on a high tune after tune.

The entertainment level was to a high standard, the crowd were able to interact by waving and pumping flags and rags. The general feeling was that the acts could have performed for a little bit longer, but overall worth every penny.

The night was a success. The line up was fitting for the occasion celebrating both St.Lucia and Grenada’s Independence with two of the biggest artist on the scene representing there national country and the soca scene.

Review and pictures by Soca Bailey

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