Busspepper De Warm Up Session – Sat 15th Feb

Busspepper De Warm Up Session – Sat 15th Feb

Freezing cold outside but step inside of Busspepper’s Warm Up Session and you were immediately warmed up.

It was the send off fete, the ‘ultimate preparation’ fete for Trinidad Carnival 2014. Located in the multi floored, swanky Central London Revolutions Bar we were treated to a great mix of music and great vibes.

The ground floor was a bustling with feter’s who were shying away from the basement room which was heaving with people having a ball. If you spent 2 minutes in the basement room the sweat would soon be running down your face regardless of if you were dancing or not. As bad as that may sound it was actually a good thing. The heat was generated from people having a good time. Isn’t that what we all go to fetes for?

There were a few people celebrating birthdays. Cakes were made, candles were blowout and, champagne was drank. As you will see from the pic below there were plenty of smiles to going round.

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