Busspepper: Carnival Tabanca – Sat 22nd March

Busspepper: Carnival Tabanca – Sat 22nd March

Carnival Tabanca; the inner sadness felt once you realise carnival has come to an end (also known as post carnival depression). There are a couple ways of dealing with this. You either go into hiding and refrain from listening to soca whilst carrying out your daily chores and commitments, or you relive your carnival memories in a fete. Last night, Busspepper helped us do the latter.

Revolution Leadenhall saw revellers flock to whine and wukk off their seaonal blues. The venue had two floors plus an upper balcony area. The entrance level was more of a social scene whereas downstairs housed the action. DJ’s were on point throughout the night, ensuring all genres and tempos were covered.

To summarise, there is no way of comparing a fete to a carnival experience, but what Bussppeper did with their Carnival Tabanca fete is remind you of all the good memories and what’s to come for the rest of 2014.

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