Bakahnal Radio: Carnival Tabanca – Fri 21st March

Bakahnal Radio: Carnival Tabanca – Fri 21st March

The first official return from Trinidad Carnival fete, Carnival Tabanca by Bakahnal Radio.

It was good to hear 2014 soca loud again. When certain tracks were played it straight away took me back the to hot, sunny streets of Trinidad where great memories were made. Having a Carnival Tabanca is all about missing everything that is carnival and these fetes are required to help take away what we are missing and ease us back into ‘normal’ life.

On the decks playing sets which had the crowd rocking were DJ Stephen, QT 2 Hype, Soca Mafia and DJ Danny D. Martin Jay and Vinny Ranks were on the mic with the hype. Unfortunately the music equipment wasn’t the best in the world, not all the speakers where working (through no fault of the promoters), but in true Caribbean style the fete went on.

It would have been nice to see a few more people turn up, but it was raining ‘cat and dogs’ for most of the evening which may have deterred those who are still clinging to the fading heat of the Trinidad sun.

All in all it was a nice fete. It was good to see the faces of those who didn’t make it to Trinidad yet always come out to support the UK soca scene.

Carnival Tabanca has cured my tabanca slightly. In reality I don’t think you can ever be cured of it completely.

Check out all the pics. If you were there feel free to provide your view on the fete in the comment area below. Don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends.

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