Soca Frenzy: 6th Year Anniversary

Soca Frenzy: 6th Year Anniversary

Soca Frenzy at Scala. Converse vs Nike edition and DJ Tate’s birthday.

The unofficial welcome back from Berlin fete this time last week half of Scala was in Berlin getting on bad.

The vibe inside was nice, rather relaxed for a typical Soca Frenzy fete. Nevertheless, some of the finest DJs on the soca circuit were providing us with a range of good music old and new school soca, bashment and more.

Many feters weren’t planning on being embraced with a live PA, but expect the unexpected as the stage was blessed with the Riddim Up Army, performing the new Tropical Fruits Riddim, their first collaborative.

The Riddim Up Army is the UK soca team from Soca Child 360, they are born out of his studio (Riddim Up). The Tropical Fruits Riddim is produced by him. They have collectively been together for a few months currently rolling deep with a small entourage, you will definitely be seeing and hearing more from them.

For their first performance, I personally believe the Riddim Up Army were received well by the Soca Frenzy crowd and hopefully there will be big things for these guys in the future. Keep up the good work.

Overall it was a much quieter Frenzy than normal. I believe it’s the quiet before the storm, failing that everyone is still mash up and recovering from big bad Berlin.

Well done to the Frenzy team, for another fun and fulfilled night .

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Review by Soca Bailey
Pictures by Soca Bailey, Quinten Reid and Dwayne Huggins

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