Slither: Bacchannalia Band Launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2017

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Slither: Bacchannalia Band Launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Bacchanalia’s costumes were nothing short of pure excellence. The theme Slither was truly brought to life by the patterns, the materials and the models.

Slither, a rather unusual theme was picked due to its originality. When interviewed, designer Kelly mentioned that her aim was to choose a theme that no other band had used. That is when she came up with the idea of slither.

Thirteen different costumes were displayed at the launch. Each costume has its own take on ‘slither’, with sections such as Venom, Enchantress and Orpheus. As there are so many choices I am only going to go into detail on a few. So, I urge you to check out the photos below, it displays all costumes from the launch.

The costume choice for Bacchannalia this year is unique. Each section has its own colour, purple, green, silver or gold. The costumes have been designed with the goal of complementing every body type. To choose from are, tankinis, monokinis, bikinis, body suits, hanging chest attachments (male option) and even a dress. The dress based costume can be found in the Orpheus section. It is made out of a body suit so don’t worry, you can still get on. This front line comes with a head piece that sits with jewels resting over the forehead. Blue, green and yellow feathers sit on either side of the head fanned out.

The partner costume is a halter neck, bikini ensemble, which has complete chest coverage. It comes with leg pieces, connected at the thigh, holding up giant green blue and yellow feathers. Perfect for the slightly more modest out there on the road. This section is noted to be the designer’s favourite. Many of the costumes have caped or feathered style wings that that are more or less the length of the model. The large majority come with a head piece, (even the male option).

Another stand out costume is of course, the mega frontline ‘Savage Beauty’. This costume has a rather tribal feel. The head piece can only be likened to a traditional Native American headdress. The costume has a ‘cold shoulder’ design, with the shoulders left bare, but the costume still having sleeves. The beading, and mix between hallucinogenic die and snake skin patterns make for an extremely eye catching and breath taking frontline. Its features a body suit, with the sides and midsection cut out. The best part of savage beauty is the flat thigh high boots that weave up the leg, tying at the top. The shoes match the costumes in style and pattern, and have mini feathers hanging from the sides. Imitating actual leg attachments.

All in all the collection is spectacular. If you love costume, then Bacchanalia is the way to go. Just remember, they will only be releasing one hundred costumes so get your down payment in fast. To part on great news, those of you who are upset at missing the launch, you have a second chance. Bacchannalia will be launching their last four costumes at Carnival Expo! So make sure you come on down, and have a look in person.

Review by Renee Campbell

Photos by Dwayne Huggins & Nargis Persaud

Photos by Kywan Henry from Xtreme Soca

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