Notting Hill Carnival Sunday with Chocolate Nation Mas Pt 1

Notting Hill Carnival Sunday with Chocolate Nation Mas Pt 1

Notting Hill Carnival celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary this year and Chocolate Nation Mas did it BIG as their part of the celebration.

This is a milestone for all who love soca, calypso, pan, zouk, reggae, dub and all the musical genres that can be found on the streets of Notting Hill should be proud of, but it doesn’t stop there. All the food vendors, drink sellers, whistle, horn and flag providers, mas makers, wire benders, pan tuners, djs, producers, artistes, photographers, videographers, journalists, designers, mas band owners, the list can go on and on, you should all take a much deserved bow. If it wasn’t for all of you the greatness that is Notting Hill Carnival would not be what it is today and what it will be in the future. WE SALUTE YOU!

We spent our Carnival Sunday with Chocolate Nation Mas and we had the time of out lives. This pleasure was shared with over 2000 chocolate masqueraders making Chocolate Nation Mas the biggest mas band in Europe. This is an amazing achievement considering that this is their 6th year. A lot of hard work goes into running and producing a mas band of this size so Chocolate Nation Mas, WE SALUTE YOU!

Take a look at part 1 of our time with CNM

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