Karnival Mania Band Launch 2017

Karnival Mania Band Launch 2017

Review by Renee Campbell

Can we just say wow! Karnival Mania did not disappoint this year. They amazed us with the spirit of life. With a fresh and unique style, the three sections hit every possible point. With bikinis, monokinis, high waist and one pieces, there is an option for all shapes and sizes. Impressively, against the style are complementary prints, i.e. pink zebra print on a bikini.


This section boasts a pink base colour, print that favours a hallucinogenic tie-dye, with blue red and yellow beading.

First up the backline. A simple two-piece inclusive of wrist cuffs, a necklace and feathered leg cuffs. Feathers are an assortment of yellow, pink and green. They point upwards, piece worn just below the knee. With a beaded tiara.

Midline features a long sleeved one piece, with one shoulder having a spaghetti strap, with a gladiator style shoulder piece connected. This ensemble features the same accessories as the backline.

Lastly, the frontline, this deep V-neck one piece is long sleeved on both sides. The border of the torso (V-neck) has been beaded with gold beads. It features the same leg pieces. This costume comes with a collar. In addition, it houses an upgraded feathered crown/ headpiece. One that sits off the head.



The base colour is a deep pink/ fuchsia colour. Zebra print. Accented colours are green and purple.

The backline, a beautiful two-piece, with an interlocking rope style carnival belt. The bra has been beaded and shelled. Resembling that of a mermaid. There is a connecting mid piece from centre of the bra tying round the torso. It is a body chain, with added ‘ropes’. Features beaded tiara, featherless jewelled leg pieces and collar option.

Frontline, wire bra two piece. Features a choker piece, that turns in to a body chain connecting from neck to hips. Panties on hips are interlocking rings, same style as choker and backline carnival belt. Thigh pieces, pink and green bands with two gold interlocking rings. Feathers leg pieces, worn just above the ankle, reaches over the knee. Bottom of piece is silver jewelled, resembling diamonds. Feather colours ascending, aquamarine, fuchsia, purple, aquamarine. Beaded tiara, with cascading feathered backpack option.

Male option, Gladiator style. Beaded arm and shin pieces. Black shorts with beaded top part / carnival belt. Chest piece that reaches lower torso, (halter necked), and matching headpiece. Fits in completely with colour and bead scheme.



The scheme of success is yellow with pinks and reds.

The backline is a two-piece. Fully covered wire bra, giant ruby in the middle of the bra with conceding chains following the sides of it. Comes with a chain, arm pieces and tassel leg pieces. Pants have chain connectors on the hips. They are mix between the colour scheme in a unique print.

Frontline, it a quasi monokini. A two-piece wire bra that meets in a circle ring in the middle of torso, and three more strings connect to the thong on either side of the panties. There is a ruby in the centre of the bra with silver tassels. The pant also has the ruby piece over the groin area hanging to top thigh. There are two diamante jewelled thigh pieces with draped chains. It shares the same leg piece as the backline. With additional yellow-feathered leg pieces, the base is in a half crescent. The headdress is a tribal piece, with yellow cascading feathers, standing tall off the head with a jewelled base.
Male option, yellow shorts, it includes a multi level chain, a waist belt, two arm pieces and a unique head piece, with two strings on either side of the head.

Overall, there is an amazing collection and ample choice. Most importantly, the launch was vibes! 



For all you fun mas players there are two shirt options for the Sunday, team pink and team blue, currently on early bird! (only £30) So doh stick, go and pick.

Check out this video of the launch by B.W.A


Karnival Mania – Behind The Scenes

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