Flagz Fete: Rep Your Mas Band 2014

Flagz Fete: Rep Your Mas Band 2014

Rep Your Mas Band 2014 at the Coronet. It felt like Notting Hill Carnival had come down to South London.

Carnival part two in Elephant and Castle was another ram jam affair with plenty vibes. I can say ‘tabanca’ had been banished for at least one more day.

Each Mas Band repped fully with t-shirts, costumes, whistles and flags, it was an amazing array of colours. I got to see bands I didn’t get the opportunity to see on the road. This was a great chance to check out other mas bands themes, designs and ideas.

The night was constructed of different mas band DJ’s playing short sets (way too many to list) allowing each band the opportunity to relive their road experience minus the Monday rain.

Everybody came out to fete, and get on bad leaving all their worries and stress’s at home.

Overall, it was a great fete, it was also delightful to see such a collaborations of DJ’s working together for one cause. Soca music and the scene on a whole has moved forward dramatically this year and it is due to events like these. I hope it will continue to grow with the continuous support from all.

On behalf of the UKSS I would like to thank everyone for there continuous hard work  support throughout.
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Review and pictures by Soca Bailey UKSS Team Member

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