Wat Ah Nite!!! UKCN does it again…..

Wat Ah Nite!!! UKCN does it again…..

UK Chocolate Nation are not only well known for being “the best chocolate mas band, they are also famous for throwing “the best fetes around, most notably their oversubscribed boat parties”. The launch of their band launch, accompanied by a showcase of other mas bands, enjoyable food, steel pan, a wide array of entertainment and UKSS’ own……’drumroll please’ founder, Dwayne’s birthday celebration, proved to be no exception and on delivery notched their status quo up to great and admirable!


Upon ‘soundin de horn’ and by invitation, we revellers were ‘tempted to’ attend the launch held at the Bloomsbury Inn, in Central London. By all means this was no simple venue and upon arrival we were treated to the red carpet treatment and an atmosphere that was warm and welcoming. It was a positive look to see the Soca fraternity and guests at large, who had come out to support and was without a doubt an enjoyable night, with its moments but nonetheless another epic affair to be noted in their records.

The Music: There were restrictions imposed by the venue on the sound levels which proved to annoying and somewhat frustrating to the ears. However one should note that this did not dampen the mood of those in attendance. With the Soca Prince, Martin Jay as host and leading the proceedings of the night, award winning DJ Tate, Soca Mafia and new kid on the block Danny D they had the crowd on lockdown and provided hit after hit of music.

Rupee, TriniBoi Joocie and Blaxx provided the night’s performances and did not fail to disappoint the crowd that had come out to see them. Despite sound levels and quality failing, the artists showed their professionalism by giving great performances all around.

The Crowd:  As always, one has to note and acknowledge the South Connections Warriors famously known for setting and keeping the pace and showing us how to have a good time. Despite the enjoyable event put on by UKCN, the crowd’s atmosphere and vibe was somewhat lacklustre at times and this was mainly driven by the humidity felt in the room. Positives abound, the crowd did make an effort despite the setbacks in place.

All-In-All: Without question, UKCN put on a great launch that had the temperatures sweltering at high degrees. This was further evidenced by the Carib, water and beer supplies that went out of stock early on, a testament to a great time held. We were not only treated to their band launch, but felt the love, unity and comradeship that epitomises UKCN, in their sharing and invitation to other mas bands. We had plenty food, plenty vibes in the form of Blaxx, Rupee, UK’s own Triniboi Joocie, Martin Jay and his DJ entourage. CSI Steel Band were in attendance and we celebrated two birthdays. What can we say, but the truth, it was an enjoyable night!

Soca family and acquaintances at large, take note; this is a band to watch and a band to keep on supporting. The man behind the scenes, Mike Forbes has a vision and a goal. Let weh let the cat slip outta the bag and seh big things are coming out of this band this year and beyond and the man is approx 80% towards reaching his vision and goal. Watch Out.


Sidenote: By the way to those that missed this event, ah sorry to say you missed out on another great, enjoyable night, however you can relive the memories by playing mas with UKCN at the Notting Hill Carnival this year…one certainly not to be missed! Doh stick…again!

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