UK Soca Scene Fete Guide: 11th April 2014

UK Soca Scene Fete Guide: 11th April 2014

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This is what UKSS did last week

Genesis Mas Band Launch – Thursday 3rd April 2014

The first Notting Hill Carnival band launch for 2014 was put on by Genesis Mas Band at the Tabernacle, Carnival Village. Genesis theme for 2014 is ‘The Journey’ which highlights the fact that we celebrate Notting Hill Carnival’s 50th year this year and the contribution Genesis has provided to it. The Tabernacle is a great venue, which in my opinion is underused. It is warm and welcoming, the perfect place to hold a band launch for a band which is also very friendly, warm and welcoming. The costume designs are bold, bright and colourful and the complementary rum punch was very nice, thanks :-) Genesis You can see all the pictures from this event here > Genesis Mas Band Launch ================================================================================

Isis Mas Band Launch – Friday 4th April 2014

Isis Mas held the second band launch of the year for Notting Hill Carnival 2014 with their theme Renaissance. To come up with the designs for their costumes this year Isis Mas did something that we think is a great supportive move. They created a competition which was to design a section in their band. Any designer could enter (and they did in their numbers) and the voting was done by an independent panel of judges and the public. This competition gave designers who may never of had their ideas produced and paraded to an audience the opportunity to shine. From over 50 entrants it came down to 5 winners. Each winner will have their designs produced, sold and worn on the streets of Notting Hill for the world to see and admire. The overall ‘People Champion Winner’ of the competition is Aisha and Takita. Congrats to you both. Isis Mas, we salute you for taking this very progressive and supportive role in pushing fresh talent to the forefront and providing them with a stage to display their creativity. Isis You can see all the pictures from this event here > Isis Mas Band Launch ================================================================================

What Is Going On This Week

 Soca Frenzy: Emergency Wear Fete – Friday 11th April 2014  

Frenzy Friday returns with its Emergency Wear Fete. This one is sure to be another ram packed night! Frenzy Click the link for more details on Soca Frenzy

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