DJ Tate …One of London’s Top Soca DJ’s

DJ Tate …One of London’s Top Soca DJ’s

Be Careful!…He’s going in!

A man is not measured by the strength of his words nor by how he looks, but by the proof of his actions and manifestation of his well-known motto. Unassuming in character and voted 2011 Best Soca Party DJ, upon first encounter one could perceive DJ Tate as aloof in demeanour, but scratch the surface and beneath him lies the intriguing mystery that is London’s most desired soca DJ.

He is not a man to be taken lightly and can testify to having possessed the powers of injecting the Berlin Carnival fever into the UK soca nation, propelling a movement of soca lovers and unifying different nations in one of Europe’s largest capital cities. Alongside the notorious wild, London Asylum Crew, he has and continues to represent the UK soca scene in a positive light and in his own words doing a lot of BIG things both for myself and for the London Soca Community representing Us internationally.”

Of Vincy (St Vincent & The Grenadines) background, he grew up surrounded by music and was encouraged from an early age to play one of the most popular musical instruments’ the piano, an instrument he still loves to play now.

In his teens, he moved to Daytona, Florida where he studied aeronautics, and later to London where he further developed his award winning skills as a DJ, earning him an award in 2011.

It was in 2005, through DJ Roughneck and the mentorship of UKCN’s Mike Forbes, that the young DJ started his ascent into the scene, playing on the most popular radio show in Lynx FM and holding his own at UKCN events and fort at Notting Hill Carnival. It is of no surprise that several years later, he is still the resident DJ for UKCN, and whilst not on call for international DJ duty, continuing to play at majority of their events and being mentor to Danny D, the new kid on the block, another revelation to his character.

Between 2005 and 2008, whilst playing for UKCN, he was encouraged and invited to play at Corks Wine Bar, by the Release D Riddim duo, Credable and Mr Hardwine. In 2008 he found himself at the then, starting Soca Frenzy and played a part in establishing it as London’s premier soca fete. In the last few years, he has continued to play at the majority of London fetes as well as being the main back up DJ for London’s top concerts featuring the likes of Fay-An Lyons, Kerwin Dubois, Lil Rick, Skinny Fabulous, Bunji Garlin amongst others.

He is a man in hot demand, playing in Europe, America to name a few places and most notably and admiringly holds a weekly Sunday stint, playing alongside the Soca Prince, Martin Jay on Choice FM’s Caribbean Affair.

Not content with spreading the music he grew up listening to, he is the one of the main London face’s sponsored by Yard Gear, a clothes label based in Berlin and has written songs, one of which was  released by his cousin DJ Shaney Hypez.

He is most famous for being the London promoter who pioneered the summer colour series, a 2012 soca event series that ran that length of the English summer and previous well attended events such as ‘What Ah Feeling back in 2011.

2013 shows and proves to be a busy and interesting one for the ever growing popular DJ and there is still more to come from him. With surprises in store, the UK soca scene is awaiting with abated breath on the next installment.

Whilst not giving away everything on the award winning DJ, check out our first ever full length, in-depth interview, held  with DJ Tate where we talked everything from Nicole Scherzinger , to his candid view on UK DJs and the UK soca scene, the story behind MOVE, his father, the latest Batman film, his love/hate relationship with his piano, his no holds held relationship with 2012 Best UK Male Artist Scrappy and Shaker HD of recently awarded Favourite UK Soca Fete, Soca Frenzy AND find out all eye-opening intriguing facts that the UK soca scene has never known about DJ Tate.


You can follow DJ Tate on twitter @djtatehere or subscribe to his infamous mixes and podcast – De Matrix Show and Major League Soca on his website:

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