Carnival Jump Up Review – 25th May

Carnival Jump Up Review – 25th May

Berlin goes mad in preparation for carnival.

Okay, so there was no Blaxx for whatever reason but to be honest it didn’t make one bit of difference. For many of the London crew this was their first fetting experience in Berlin. For a lot of the locals this was the first fete of the carnival weekend. For all this was a crazy night!



The Venue:Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin. Very similar to an average soca location in London. 2 floors and a heavy sound system.

The Vibe: The Germans really know how to party. Jam Masters, Deejay Spice & Lou Weed put down some heavy tracks but the night belonged to The Soca Twins. Germany’s leading Soca DJ’s celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a true-to-form set of the best soca from all ages.

The Crowd: A strong turnout of loyal socaholic Germans of every culture, winin, jumping up  & singing all of the songs, knowing all of the words (remember English is not their first language) with the ever-increasing London crew. MAD!

A lot of the London people left between 5 & 6 as many had travelled in that day and not had a chance to sleep (excuses), but that’s when the party got even sweeter. Soca Twins went back in the archive dropping some back in times tracks. By the time we finally left, it was 0745 and the sun was beating down.

All-in-all: To come to another country (especially one with no direct link to the caribbean) and fete with people who have embraced the culture to this degree is magical.


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