Bacchanalia Thank You and Christmas Party Review 2012

Bacchanalia Thank You and Christmas Party Review 2012

By chance an inebriated stranger, blindly staggering home after a festive fuelled night could have easily found themselves at home at the Bacchanalia Thank You and Christmas Party and through the haziness of the chemically induced flammable liquid, could have known that they had stumbled upon their long lost fetter family.

There is no better feeling than coming home for Christmas and this is the feeling that was evoked last night at the party held at Bar 104 in Old Street. It was apparent upon entry and receiving the warm welcome from one of Bacchanalia’s founders Andrew Rajpaulsingh, that this was definitely going to be the festive and thank you party of the year. Walking down the elaborate and eye catching festive decorations that adorned the stair railings, (a by-product of the Designer – Kelly Rajpaulsingh perfectionism and creativity) and the festive lights that lit our path to the party room entrance, there was a sense of euphoria and an excitement of a great pending night.

Mistletoe, balloons, ribbons, candy sticks, fetters, masqueraders and beautiful people were the order of the night.


BACCHANALIA-THANK-YOU-AND-XMAS-PARTY-15-12-2012-229-smlThe Vibe: Whilst it was simmeringly hot in the venue, this did not deter the vibes and feelings of those who had come out to enjoy the night. In true Bacchanalia manner the vibes were on point and picked up a further stretch of mile when the media who had been present on the night departed. It was a scene to behold and a revelation to see the true fetters coming out of their shells and those who had been shyly swaying from side to side, fully embracing their bacchanal nature and giving it their all.

Woi! What happened at the party, stays at the party, without any visual evidence to verify!

The Music: A mix and blend of Soca and various other music genres. As had been already communicated to us via social mediums and flyers, what they promised, they delivered. The music selection was on point. Furthermore in light of being biased, the DJs on the night gave us an early Xmas pressie, which was well received in the form of Bunji Garlin’s Differentology.

The Crowd: Swirling amongst the hyped up and beautifully attired crowd, there were Santa’s sexy and handsome helpers spreading the vibes across the room and showering bursts of festive fun. The crowd, no holds barred had been intoxicated with the warm festive feeling that was prevalent in the atmosphere and thus in true fashion gave it their all.

 All-in-all: Whilst one was not lucky to receive a kiss under the mistletoe, it was a great night enjoyed by all and apparent from the onset that all had come out to not only support and celebrate the great year had by the mas band, but had also come out to enjoy and share the tidings of joy and revelry. Besides being one of the best mas bands on road, Bacchanalia throw some of the best parties, London has come to witness and this was the perfect end for 2012.

We look forward to 2013 where the mas band will be gracing the streets of T&T Carnival and the launch of their long awaited 2013 Species Mas Band Launch.


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