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People have been asking us to find out a few things about making mas for Notting Hill Carnival. With the top question being... Why does it cost so much money for a bikini with beads and feathers? To answer this question and others we called a 'sit-down' with three successful mas band/section ... Read More
5th June 2014uksocascene


Bacchanalia's theme for Notting Hill Carnival 2014 is Presence of the Past. In-keeping with celebrating 50 years of Notting Hill Carnival Bacchanalia has taken their mas back to the early days of mas with the Midnight Robbers and Fancy Indians to name a few. A Bacchanalia band launch is always one of ... Read More
20th April 2014uksocascene


Hi Bacchanalia We appreciate the work you have put into the scene over the years to carnival and the Caribbean culture. We think it is about time more of the community got to know more about your mas band. 1.Please tell us your origins, what your band name is, and how long ... Read More
24th May 2013uksocascene


The World On Regent Street was the perfect way to spend a May Sunday. It was great to see many different cultures come out and support their own and other cultures. In the Trinidad and Tobago section Bacchanalia and Wassiville were displaying their amazing costumes. DJ Danny D had the crowd ... Read More
12th May 2013uksocascene


We weren't there for long but no matter what Bacchanalia Mas Band always put on a good show. Their costume designs for Notting Hill Carnival 2013 are amongst some of the best designs in the world. Have a look at the pictures and see for your self.
6th May 2013uksocascene


By chance an inebriated stranger, blindly staggering home after a festive fuelled night could have easily found themselves at home at the Bacchanalia Thank You and Christmas Party and through the haziness of the chemically induced flammable liquid, could have known that they had stumbled upon their long lost fetter ... Read More
16th December 2012