UK Soca Artiste: Soca Princess

UK Soca Artiste: Soca Princess

Samantha Combie also known as Soca Princess was born in St. Lucia.

Musically inclined from a young age, she decided at age 16 to join a choir as a practical joke and came to realize her talent as a singer and songwriter and started writing her own music.

Being from the Caribbean, Soca music has been her favourite genre of music and it was only natural for her to sing and write Soca and hence the stage name “Soca Princess”.

Her mother has been her rock and her inspiration and her greatest influence was her late father E.H Combie who was a writer for small artistes in St. Lucia.

At 23 years old, she became upset with waiting on others to produce and deliver beats for her songs so she took up producing herself in 2007 and created a number of original beats for her tracks.

However in 2009 she released a track “Watch Me” which was written and produced by Peter “Mathias” Simeon of St. Lucia which was a big hit on the airwaves and brought her to the Soca Monarch Finals Competition in St. Lucia.

Soca Princess currently resides in the United Kingdom where she has sang for the past four years for Black History Month in East London.  She is currently registered under the Association of British Calypsonians (ABC) and is the first St. Lucian member of this tent.  She is also holding the title of the UK’s first St. Lucian Female Soca Artiste.

In 2012, she took part in the UK Soca Monarch and Nottinghill Soca Road March and placed 3rd in the Road March competition.

Although she resides in the UK, as a patriotic St. Lucian, she goes down to St. Lucia for Carnival every year and performs in the NG Tent.  Look out for Soca Princess with her new tracks for Carnival 2013.


Soca Princess – Fit

Soca Princess first gained national notoriety as that incredibly beautiful and “blessed” female who while attempting to present a soca song almost moved soca King Ricky T to lose his Power Soca crown. But while he escaped, the unfortunate gentleman in this song didn’t and has led to her being charged with a “bumper murder case.”

Fit is written and produced by Courtney Louis for Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Music. With this one, Soca Princess demonstrates quite aptly that what one wants is not always what he needs or in this poor fool’s case can handle

“From time I hold him with his miserable waist/He bawl out like is hurricane that passing through the place/ Now they want to charge me give me bumper murder case.”

In other words – Fit is not for the faint of heart so handle with caution and make sure you have been cleared by your doctor for bacchanal. After all, she only “give him what he want now the man catch a Fit.”

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