Top Tips for Taping the Tututs!

Top Tips for Taping the Tututs!



As carnival season fast approaches we’re here to help with a few essentials needed for us ladies to enjoy our fabulousity!!

With the weather getting hotter and the carnival costumes/fete outfits getting more risqué it’s so important that you buy these essentials…

Nipple covers and boob tape

These two essentials are the best thing to make sure you are comfortable when feting and can wave a hand and lose all yuh dignity in the same moment.

So ladies if you are wearing a low cut or back less dress, chances are you cannot wear a bra with it meaning protruding nipples can be a problem. This is simple to address, get some Nipple covers.

Nipple covers are an essential item that all women should have in their draw. If your outfit if slightly see through and you want to make sure your dignity isn’t compromised it’s so easy to use.

There are two different types of nipple covers we would recommend. First being Silicone. Silicone nipple covers are a decent thickness to make sure your nipples are well hidden and they are also reusable. They are available in many different shapes and they are very cheap.

You can get them from eBay for under £2 or Primark for £1.50 and they are in most chain chemists and underwear stores.

Then there are fabric nipple covers which look somewhat like plasters that and again you can get multiple from eBay for £1 and most chain chemists and underwear stores. They are great but can only be used once. They can be covered with make up for a more natural flesh blending tone.

For those that are truly blessed in that department we know things like nipple covers maybe obsolete for you as you want a bra to feel secure but they have been revolutionising boob tape for the bigger breasted.

There is boob tape that actually lifts and sculpture boobs for your desired look, meaning you can venture to wear that low cut top you’ve wanted to for a while.

Check this video on how to use it by

Top tips for taping the tututs!

1. Do not cream your chest before use as the nipple covers and tape will slide off

2. Fabric nipple covers are perfect to use when you a darker brown shade because you can use foundation on the nipple cover to make it more your colour.

3. Keep the plastic covers they come with as you will need to stick that back onto the adhesive side to keep them sticky.

4. You can just rewash the silicone nipple covers and reuse.

5. Remember to do a flash test before you leave home. Take a photo on your mobile or camera of your chest with the flash on to see if the tape or covers are visible. (So you don’t get caught off guard when someone takes a picture and notice your nipple covers are trying to outshine you)

6. If you are wearing these with a wire bra be sure to pick a shape that can be easily concealed.

7. If you have a nipple piercing it’s best to use silicone to get a smoother finish. But do a test first as some can irritate a piercing.

8. Make sure you press on firmly so they can stick properly.

9. You can get bulk online so search around but it shouldn’t be more than £5 for a multipack so don’t pay a silly amounts for them.

10. When you are sweating a lot do casually check they are there.

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