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Kenne Blessin, Natia Daniel and the fire lady Fya Empress brought the vibes to Frenzy last night. 
10th August 2013uksocascene


Summer love was definitely in the air last night. Busspeppers' summers fete was in full swing and was full of vibes. Take a look at the pictures. 
28th July 2013uksocascene


The yearly event which is going from strength-to-strength. Wet Fete was pure madness. 2 rooms of vibes from some of the UK's best DJs. There wasn't one sour face in the wet building. Roll-on Wet Fete 2014. Check out all the pics
7th July 2013uksocascene


This was the first Chutney event I had been to outside of a celebration (such as Indian Arrival Day).  This was also the first time anyone in the UK had put Chutney on a boat and it has to be said for a first attempt it was a pretty good ... Read More
7th July 2013uksocascene


This band launch was postponed for a week which only added to the anticipation. Euphoria Mas Band who are carnival partners with Tribe Mas Band (from Trinidad) displayed their Notting Hill 2013 carnival costumes to an eager crowd of mas lovers. Check out all the pics. 
21st June 2013uksocascene


What a great way to kick off the UK summer (which I am told is just around the corner). Busspepper put on an all-inclusive lime/fete which had the perfect mixture of music, drink and people, resulting in plenty vibes. The venue was swanky and suited the event perfectly. The drinks were premium ... Read More
16th June 2013uksocascene


At 2am the queue to get in to an already packed venue was still long and thick. This is how far Soca Frenzy has come in 5 years. We salute the Soca Frenzy team for their hard, consistent work which is driven by passion and a love of their culture and heritage. ... Read More
15th June 2013uksocascene


Poison UK Band Launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2013 saw some great designs from all sections of the band. Enigma Mas have some jaw dropping designs. Along with Dynasty Mas and Poison UK themselves the road is going to look great come the end of August. 
8th June 2013uksocascene


The big band just keeps going from strength to strength. UK Chocolate Nation (UKCN) known for their Sunday chocolate (dutty) mas on the roads of Notting Hill Carnival have extended the brand to now include a clean, Monday costume mas. Teaming up with Soca Mafia they have created Eclipse Mas. In ... Read More
2nd June 2013uksocascene


Luton Carnival, despite losing its edge still had a lot of great colours and costumes to display. The Caribbean Culture is still strong with in Luton, the question is...for how much longer?
26th May 2013uksocascene