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Yo! Where Did You Get That T-shirt?

We have all been out, and that guy walks past with a top quoting your favourite song, or your favourite catchphrase and you think to yourself, where the hell did he get that from? And why in the hell don’t I have one? Luckily for you, I have found some of the biggest and baddest suppliers.

First up, is the one and only Team Soca. They have a wide range of garments, inclusive of tees, V-necks, tank tops, snap backs, bucket hats, beanies and even hoodies.

Team Soca have huge versatility in their products. For instance with their hats, some have camo effect, some are plain with company branding, and others feature a cartoon ‘Team Soca Bear’, who I like to refer to as their mascot. Team Soca also stock the official King Bubba ‘Calling In Sick’ t-shirt, so for all you who come out to win, you know where to begin.

Next is the renowned Live Love Soca whose name says it all; this brand is perfect for any socaholic. Live Love Soca are highly inventive in their design.

They possess a true talent in differing the scheme of their clothing without changing their design/ logo. This is shown through their multiple collections, they have a flags (all islands edition), they have a black edition, a colourful series and of course the originals. They have specified styles for both men and women, featuring tank tops, fitted shirts, loose shirts and V-necks. Live Love Soca is definitely a brand to watch.

Yet another big name in the soca clothing industry is Passport Caribbean. They offer limited edition pieces, hats and a wide range of tops. Their ‘wuk up’ hat is a beautiful mix between the ancestral heritage (African print) and the current culture of the West Indian islands.

Passport Caribbean have a wide variety of t-shirt designs offering catch phrases such as bacchanalist (with ‘dictionary’ definition) or #teamsoca, and even #teamreggae. Their broad and inclusive range allows for all lovers of the Caribbean to benefit from their apparel.

Last, but by no means least is The Soca Store. They have a substantial collection of soca apparel. The Soca Store act as a cartel for smaller brands. They even house I Am Soca, which is DJ Stephen’s clothing brand.

You can buy hats, sunglasses, tops and even island printed (flag based) leggings. Their tops have popular quotes and lyrics such as money done and veteran. If you want to go for an alternative look, you can shop their Bougie Bum collection, which contains retro and stylistic hats and glasses.

With so many places to shop, there is no excuse for you not having your outfit sorted before your next fete! So whether you are a bacchanalist, a veteran or you just called in sick, make sure you come out representing.

About the Author

Renee Campbell is a student of the social sciences and arts, who plans to specialise in politics.

Her interests include writing, cooking, martial sciences, photography and all things soca.

When Renee is not pouring pints she is singing, screeching and dancing to soca.

Renee loves to travel and has a passion for the Caribbean, so you can imagine where she ends up the most. When in the islands her only focus is rum, family, beaches, rum, swimming, eating, rum, liming, feting, rum, playing mas, playing jab, rum and of course carnival! She is currently enjoying taking on new projects with us and hopes to keep producing in the future.


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