Her Groovyness….UK Soca Princess in the Making, Ms Desire

2012 MTV Unsigned shortlist,  UK Groovy Soca Monarch 2012 title holder,  Soca Music Awards Nominee, Recipient of 2x awards……




It is not the Bajan lilt that emerges when her true nature comes to play. It is her warm but strong minded persona that emerges upon encounter. With traffic forces at play, I arrive late for an interview with Louise Sterling-Jackman, otherwise known as Ms Desire and like the bonafide woman that she is, she is unperturbed by my tardiness.  Spluttering with feeble excuses and mindlessly fumbling for my notebook, she openly and warmly greets me and at once my shot nerves are calmed.

Whilst the name might have originated amongst the playground of youth, little did Louise Jackman envisage that years on, that name would come to take a form of itself. It is therefore apt that at this point in time of publication, the dials of the international world are calling and supporting the lovely emerging artiste and the ferocity at which she is being wanted and sought after can only be likened to one word; Desire. It is not through sheer luck that the young soca artiste has found herself here; it is through hard work, a positive strong supporting network, her uttermost belief in God, her will and determination to become an internationally recognised star, that have brought her to this place. There is still a long way to go as she pointedly points out, however where credit is due, recognition needs to be acknowledged.

With a 2012 award neatly tucked under her belt, Ms Desire is no stranger to the music industry. Born and raised in England, she started singing at the tender age of seven and was exposed to her Jamaican born father’s close affiliation with reggae. She later sang in church and through renowned performance arts school, sang uptempo genres such as R&B. It wasn’t until a journey back home, in Barbados that she chose the path to sing Soca music.

She has a strong network of mentors around her, amongst them Alison Hinds, her mother and her manager Julia Moscardini to name few and has worked most recently with T&T’s Precision Productions, Peter Coppin, Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong, UK Soca Child 360 amongst many. Her biggest inspiration, Fay-Ann Lyons can be counted as an ally in her camp. However despite the strong musical background that surrounds and supports her, she is humble, down to earth and not shy of hard work and often strives for perfection and excellence.


In 2008, Ms Desire burst onto the scene with ‘Control It’ and in 2011 dropped a Peter Coppin production, ‘Mind Ya Bizness’. Nominated in 2012 on the Santana soundtrack, Ms Desire  dropped another Peter Copin produce ‘Ready Fa Dis’ and for Barbados Cropver 2012 released ‘Gimme Gimme. Over time her music has grown and evolved as evidenced in her latest release 2013 T&T release, ‘Give it to me’. She has graced the stage many a times, been selected to perform in front of the Queen and is working hard on her second upcoming UK tour.

Not to be confined by the musical world and showcasing her multi tasking skills, Ms Desire has a sponsorship deal with Yard –Gear Clothing in Berlin,  is CEO of her events company; Desire & Aspire, is host of Desire’s World on Ben TV –Sky 182 and an active participant and member in the mas band- Bajan Revellers

2012 has been without a doubt a busy year for the young artiste, however with one album on the shelf, the hard work continues and is never ending. As 2012 draws slowly to a close, UKSS caught up with Ms Desire and had a candid chat on the current state of affairs and what she would have where she stuck alone on an island.

 Check Out The Full Length Interview.

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