Bacchanalia Mas Band: Legacy of She – Review


Bacchanalia Mas Band: Legacy of She – Review

Hey People. The battle of the bands is well and truly underway, I hope you’ve been checking out our launch videos and my reviews to help you pick the perfect band. It’s actually a lot tougher than I thought this year so keep tuned for these segments.

Personally, t11133761_807339426024698_7535735504350175307_nhis was my most anticipated band launch of this season. Bacchanalia Mas Band, presented ‘Legacy of She‘ in the Hoxton arches. I have to state the venue as for me this was the best venue for a launch that I have seen in years. Being that the band presented in the day the overall atmosphere of the arches was perfect for the launch, its great natural lighting and a bright ambience filled the room.

The theme ‘Legacy of She’ first off is the biggest breathe of fresh air, yes most of you will think of course I’ll like it because it’s a theme of celebrating women but its mainly because it was one that stands out this year. I mean is it just me or aren’t you getting bored of cliché themes. It’s all been done, and this was definitely a theme that I was excited to see.

The presentation started with a dance to Fay-Ann’s -‘Raze’ the band then led with their opening monologue which set the perfect scene for the portrayal for their costumes.

A woman is many things – She is beauty; she is a survivor; she is a warrior; she is a lover; she is a giver of life and hope. She is light in the darkness; a supporter and champion of those she loves and a fierce legacy of many millions of woman who came before her – Bacchanalia Mas Band

You know I am all about the glitz and glamour and these costumes didn’t disappoint. I literally pictured myself in every costume! With a very Trinidadian gemmed monokini adaptation of mas it held no prisoners, leaving little to the imagination but in such a beautiful way. Don’t get me wrong on an honest note it wasn’t something I hadn’t necessarily seen before but definitely made its mark in its own way.

For me mas is about how I look throughout the day, there is a certain point when you’ve had too many trips to the bar and you feel like excess weight is unnecessary. It’s important to me to still have a wow factor without my (insert large feather accessories here), and I feel the amazing detail to each section on the body pieces alone makes that. Especially Mystery frontline, it stole my heart with its ostrich feathered wings on a gemmed emerald green bikini just showing that all parts of the costume deserve detail.


The Individual  – For those exhibitionists who don’t want a costume that everyone else has there is a special section for 10 lucky hopefuls to get their own big costume. I was in love with the movement of the wings and every costume comes in different colours so you can stand out even more!11109157_807341579357816_5675582230643056461_n


I originally thought that this band lacked variety in terms of options and looked like they were made for one type of woman but they actually come with different options to cover up certain body parts you aren’t comfortable with. On offer are tankinis, monokinis, thong, even tie die shorts, so the choices for something that suit you are there. It was a shame that these weren’t portrayed as I think it would have been amazing to see the other options alive.

I have to speak on this because the models, for me, are one of the most important aspects of the launch. The models had a great vibe, anyone will tell you that the energy level was great. They clearly knew what the plan was and they went and portrayed the theme very well. Some of the models were a little timid than others but in the light of day it very hard to model half naked and with people less than a metre away from you, so I thought they did a brilliant job.

Moving on to prices, so peeps Bacchanalia backline is £250, Frontline ranges from £350- £375, and Individual is £500. It definitely is on the higher end of the Notting Hill spectrum but it is an all inclusive band, so you get drinks breakfast and lunch on the road. To be totally honest I think with a price like that you have to sell the costume…and they did (very well). Presentation and package was bess so all of you looking to play mas with this band (if it’s like their presentation) then it looks like you made a good choice.

Check out but doh stick as some of their sections are sold out already and they haven’t even opened online registration yet…

My Mas Score 9/10

Photo cred: Raymond Lyttle

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