Lagniappe Mas – Tribal War Review

Lagniappe Mas – Tribal War Review

Next up in the Notting Hill Carnival 2015 band launch season is Lagniappe Mas with their presentation, ‘Tribal War’.

“Steeped in the valleys, planes and mountains of the Americas, the Tribes of the Red Man thrived. Great Nations of warriors who fought the courageous fight. In the stillness of wind you can hear the whisper as the ancestors call their names.” – Lagniappe Mas

A lot of people have been asking me about this mas band since the photos for the launch were posted. Lagniappe Mas have been around for over 15 years, however I only learned about them last year. I am sure after this year a lot more people will know about them as they really have made a serious splash on the scene.

For those of you who are weirdos like me and have to google every word you aren’t familiar with Lagniappe means ‘a little more, a bonus or an extra gift’… and boy they delivered that and then some.


I have to jump straight into this because I know I have a lot to say on this topic. The presentation had to be my favourite so far for the year (you guys should know I live for the theatrics). From beginning to end it gave me goosebumps. The scene was set with some Amazonian sounds, the music really got the presentation off to a fantastic start.

The band presented 4 costume sections and some fun mas sections.

  • Mohican
  • Spirit Warrior
  • Tribal Fantasy
  • Mojave

All sections are all inclusive, which is rare for Notting Hill as the length and cost for band to provide this is more than you know and so their prices do reflect that. Their fun mas is a nice twist on just giving masqueraders a band t-shirt, with a top, shorts and tribal accessories the section is £100.


Fun mas, to be honest I wasn’t blown away by, its been done on numerous occasions but for a girl who loves her mas, I have to admit I don’t know whether it was the absolutely gorgeous models in them but the costumes were looking BESS! Dripping in beautifully fluffed feathers and dazzling gems their costumes are definitely a WOW factor. So when I tell you the prices you should understand that beauty comes at a cost.

  • Backline ranges from £180-£195
  • Frontline £275- £350.

They are your typical pretty pretty costumes though, gemmed beautifully from head to toe, however I didn’t feel the costumes suited the theme. If you can call a costume another name, and put it in a different concept it doesn’t really make it memorable. I was expecting a little more ‘tribal culture’.

Everyone knows I do think models are KEY to a great launch. There is age old question of whether professional models give a better presentation than masqueraders. I did love all the models and thought they really looked amazing but I did miss an element of dancing. Sometimes posing and walking doesn’t always give the beautiful effects of the movement of the costumes.


If I’m honest I would of loved a little more variety within the sections. Everyone who loves feathers may not always love a huge feathered head piece. I don’t know about you but when the liquor conquers meh I cyah be dealin’ with no head piece the size of a small child on my head.

I didn’t see any examples of how the band caters to the body conscious. There are always the following body areas bands need to have options to cover, thus being stomach, arms, boobs. With women of all sizes and shapes playing mas I don’t feel like I saw all women looking at this presentation thinking ‘Wow there is something here for me’. To keep progressing as a band this is something I think they should consider.

Overall I loved the Lagniappe Mas presentation. From the eloquent descriptions of costumes, to the music elevating the adrenaline, it really did remind me of the magic of band launches so I will definitely be watching and following Lagniappe as they evolve. I cant wait to see this band on the road!

My Mas Score 8/10

Check out the costume reveal

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