Dwayne’s Pick: My Favourite Soca Songs

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Dwayne’s Pick: My Favourite Soca Songs

A question I regularly get asked is “What’s your favourite soca song“. 

The answer to this is not as easy as you’d think. There are different soca songs for different scenarios, feting, liming, singing along to, jumping up and wining down. There isn’t a single soca song that fits well in all of these areas. 

So I have decided to do a weekly selection of soca songs that I like / love, aptly called, Dwayne’s Pick.

In this selection you will find new tunes, old tunes, popular tunes and tunes you may have never heard of before.

If you want to send me your music, shoot it over to email box.

Track 4.

Title: 1995
Artiste: Bunji Garlin
Written by:Bunji Garlin
Production: Jus Now

This track captures the old fetter in me who would love to come out, but my time for getting on bad in a fete finished a long time ago. The brass, the rhythm, the simplistic lyrics which instruct you to do one thing (take out yuh flag and wave) is very reminiscent of 80s & 90’s soca. 

In 2012 when ‘Island Pop’ was making a big call for soca lovers ears and hearts, I was asked what I thought was missing in soca. My immediate answer was brass. Brass creates a unique vibe which cannot be replicated by any other instrument. They compliment the vocals of a track which in-turn moves you to act.

Bunji Garlin & Jus Now – this tune is a new classic 

Track 3.

Title: Recruit
Artiste: Terri Lyons & Skinny Fabulous
Written by: Terri Lyons & Gamal Doyle
Production: Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell

Terri Lyons has one of the best vocals in soca and this track really showcases her talents and range. 
Skinny Fabulous takes this track to the next level. His aggressive approach makes you wanna move with aggression.
Its’ a weird mix-up kinda ting, but I love the way the track comes together.
Great production by Kubiyashi. 


Track 2.

Title: Doh Run From It
Artiste: Triniboi Joocie
Written by: Rodell “Triniboi Joocie” Sorzano
Production: Wetty Beatz Productionz

Triniboi Joocie is one of the most over looked soca artistes of this decade. He has been banging out solid hits for the last 4 years. He is more that just an artiste, he writes, he plays pan and the drums at a very high level, he is a born performer and he is a great assistant producer. His time will come. I know the ‘right ears’ are listening and it’s no longer a question of IF he will make it big, its WHEN he’ll make it big.

This track ‘Doh Run From It’ is his latest offering for the global 2017 season. It’s an edgy, lyric’s infused blend of soca, afro-beats with the electronic sound of dance music. It’s made to make you move and that is exactly what you end up doing when you hear it.

The video is one of the best videos I’ve seen this year so far for the genre.

Track 1.

Title: Calypso
Artiste: GBM Nutron
Production: GBM Productions

I love Calypso for it’s simple and  honest approach. The production is clean, sharpe and punchy. The lyrics appeal to nearly every soca lover. Although it’s based around GBM’s story, we can all embrace the power of soca. No matter what’s happening in your life, soca will make you feel better. The bassline is ’round’ and perfect for the sub-woofer in your car.   


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