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Hey friends! Back again with another update from SheSoca in Jamaica!

SheSoca was up and live at the Xaymaca (zah-my-kah) International … Read More

Hey friends! It is a new year and you already know that SheSoca is starting it with a bang! What … Read More

Two Weeks. Two whole weeks. That’s how long it took me to finally get over the fact that Ubersoca Cruise … Read More

The ‘H2O’ a cocktail that is ready for the road
The new She Soca Carnival Cocktail is ‘The H2O’ – Soca … Read More

A new body is not just for carnival its for life!
Hello my She Socaers! Over the coming weeks I (Alisa … Read More

Here at She Soca we love to embrace talent in all areas. With that in mind, we came across a young … Read More

Becoming a successful business women takes hard work, passion, determination and drive. The business world is extremely cut throat and … Read More

Mas has become such an intense debate on the styles chosen and whether bands cater for all ladies of all sizes … Read More

Calling all Carnival Queens. Yes, that’s you…….We at She Soca have had so much fun reminiscing about our sassy moments … Read More

An important part (for us ladies) of preparing for the road in Trinidad Carnival is our makeup. We’ve had the … Read More

Hello again. We are another week closer to Trinidad Carnival 2016 and here is an other opportunity for us here … Read More

3. What is Jouvert morning?
Have you ever tried to explain to Simon at work what Jouvert is… Without sounding like … Read More

Anyone who participates in Trinidad Carnival has surely taken a look at the Trinidad Carnival Diary webpage or Facebook page … Read More

As a regular masquerader, feter and resident hooligan, I find myself often being asked questions by non-carnival oriented friends about … Read More

The carnival season is fast approaching and we here at She Soca (SS) are starting to get ourselves ready for … Read More

SheSoca catch up with a talented and influential mas designer from the carnival scene, to find out about her debut … Read More

With Miami Carnival this weekend (9th – 11th Oct) it’s only right that when you think of a strong, independent, … Read More

DJ Twin T is being haled as ‘the baddest young female DJ to touch the sound system’ on the UK … Read More

Today at She:Soca we would like to take a look back at an activity at the Tabanca Weekender that we … Read More

Hi Shari. For the people that don’t know you tell us about yourself?
I’m of Trinidadian decent so I love meh … Read More

We have covered

The history of carnival makeup
How it has evolved
What the masqueraders want to see from bands regarding carnival makeup

We … Read More

1- Tell us a little bit about yourself
Well, my name is Marelle Steblecki. I was born in Zimbabwe which is in … Read More

An open letter to the gentlemen choosing to whine on a lady this carnival.
The Ten Whining Commandments
1. Thou shalt not … Read More

1- Tell us a little bit about yourself
There is not too much to tell. I live in South London with my … Read More

I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago and grew up in Guayaguayare; a remote village on the south eastern coast … Read More


As carnival season fast approaches we’re here to help with a few essentials needed for us ladies to enjoy our fabulousity!!

With … Read More

In September 2009 after many summer nights of debating, discussing and the occasional sip of rum Dame Du Show Productions … Read More

Hi. My name is Andrea Cha Cha. I own and run Addicted 2 Fitness. I am a fully qualified fitness trainer, … Read More

Good day all. UK Soca Scene have kindly let us use some of their internet real estate while our website … Read More


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