We Talk To Saucy from Trinidad Carnival Diary

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We Talk To Saucy from Trinidad Carnival Diary

ss-TCD-anniversaryAnyone who participates in Trinidad Carnival has surely taken a look at the Trinidad Carnival Diary webpage or Facebook page at some point, it truly is a one stop carnival fact shop.  I am certainly no exception, from planning my first time playing mas in Trinidad I soon became addicted to the information and gossip Trinidad Carnival Diary (TCD) provided.  Saucy is the lady behind this hugely informative and successful page that celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year.

We had the great opportunity to ask her a few questions about how it all started.  She also tells us about her 2nd year of Frontline Fete and her Goddess costume with Fantasy.

What was it that initially made you decide to start the blog?

At the genesis of the blog was an online forum where my outspokenness led to me being banned, consequently I needed an outlet to channel my passion about Carnival. Blogging was a relatively new phenomenon at the time and since I have always been inclined to write it was a natural fit.

You now have over 160k followers on your Facebook page alone, what do you think makes what you do stand out from other bloggers who talk about carnival?

My content is specific, I write about Carnival consistently for 365 days a year. I also believe that my readers/fans have followed my dedication as a Carnival enthusiast from the days when I didn’t even have an audience. My love of Carnival is genuine, I did not start a blog for financial gain or popularity; it was simply to connect with others who shared my love of all things Carnival .

You like to keep your anonymity, and I can understand the benefits of that, but do you sometimes find it a hindrance?  Have you ever been tempted to put your face to your brand?

I cherish my anonymity even though it is no longer a secret as to who I am, anyone with more than a passing curiosity as to who is “Saucy” can find me if they do some digging. I find being known is more of a hindrance than being anonymous; once persons have identified me they think it is within their rights to address me on something I wrote or even the fetes I support and bands I choose to play with. Sometimes it’s a balancing act between speaking my mind and not offending persons who know me personally.

When did you have your first ‘yes, I am successful’ moment?

I don’t think I have had that moment as yet, Trinidad Carnival Diary is still growing and l am still learning about developing the brand. Maybe when I can quit my day job and dedicate 100% to chasing my dreams I will say “yes, I am successful”.

What is it that you love most about carnival?

The freedom of those two days in costume when not a care in the world is given to anything but playing my mas. I love it all from the pageantry of wearing a fantastically over the top costume to breaking free on the Savannah stage.

I see that you were not on the road last year, that must have been very upsetting for you.  Care to share what happened?

Once I made the decision not to play mas, on Carnival Saturday no less, I was at peace with it. Strangely I was not upset as I spent the two days online providing live coverage for all those who could not be in Trinidad for Carnival. There is no benefit to sharing the events that led to that decision, suffice to say that I was touched by the many people who tried to get me on the road.

Are you planning anything to celebrate you’re your 10 year anniversary?

Yes, we are having giveaways for our fans, lots of excitement to come in 2016, stay tuned.

ss-Goddess-400I am loving your Goddess costume for Fantasy Carnival, how did that opportunity come about?

I was offered the opportunity to do my own costume in Fantasy, my idea behind the costuming was to have an all frontline, all female, lead costume that is on par with an Individual; go big or go home.

It must have been amazing to be able to design your dream costume, did you find it easy deciding on the design?  How easy was it to turn the costume you imagined into reality?

Since I have worn almost every version of bikini and beads that you can imagine, I had to turn to Daryl Key for some design inspiration. I basically told him the ideas in my head and he did what he does best which is to make it a reality. The main input I had was that I kept saying “more feathers” !

ss-frontline2016 sees the 2nd year of your ‘Frontline’ fete.  I heard some great reports about last year.  What can people expect from this party?

For 2016 we took the lessons learned from our debut year and went back to the drawing board to come up with a fete concept that we would like to attend. The first thing people can expect is one pricing for the fete, there is no VIP or special areas. We also took into consideration having an affordable price tag for an All Inclusive event during Carnival week. In addition we wanted to give patrons more, therefore you can look forward to live performances added for 2016.

Is there any chance that you might be tempted to come and try out Notting Hill Carnival over here in London?  I know we would love to have you.

I would love to experience Notting Hill Carnival as all reports I have heard have been glowing and positive. Maybe in 2016.

Do you have your eye on any other international carnivals that you are planning to go to in the next year?

Regionally I hope to do St Vincent in addition to Jamaica, Barbados and Grenada. Internationally Bermuda and Miami is on the list for 2016.

Saucy, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us, it is truly appreciated.

Interview by Zoe Chapman

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