Huddersfield Carnival 2014 Round-up

Huddersfield Carnival 2014 Round-up

Huddersfield carnival weekender Friday 11th – Saturday 12th

After a long excruciating journey up, 5+ hours on da coach (numb bum etc). The evening started with a pre jouvert lime with acts from Natia Daniels and Deevine warming you up nicely for Jouvert morning 12 am start, around Huddersfield town centre. Boiler suits, powder, paint, plenty alcohol, music, fun and frolics excellent opportunity to catch up and meet new friends.

As expected the revellers were charged up ready to get on bad, and as anticipated no behaviour was present. There was plenty vibes on the road, after the truck had switched off it’s music it was off to the after party which was hectic. One in one out affair and a complete sweat box, but you was able to lime outside and still hear the music as many people opted to do.
Carnival Saturday celebrating 30 years, we  were embraced with flags, rags, powder, juice bags/camel baks (100% alcohol) and absolutely no behaviour. You was also blessed with a great opportunity to feast on the mass of colours and floats, always an overwhelming experience to see all the hardwork and effort from all the mas band members/ staff and everybody involved in making these days come to life.

Positive vibes at the green final destination for all the trucks, and the opportunity for mas band members to represent and showcase themselves and their bands on stage, live entertainment from Scrappy and the Tropical storm Band,Natia Daniels,Richie stephens, Squeezy & Papa Leendi to name a few, a good variety of food, drink, arts and crafts and more on sale. As well as a fun filled funfair something for everyone young or old.

Overall Huddersfield carnival gets a big thumbs up without a doubt. I hope with support and funding, Huddersfield carnival will be on next year, as it would be a shame to see 30 years of culture eradicated from the local community.

Pictures and review by Soca Bailey

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