Masquerade 2000 Band Launch Review – 24th March 2012


Masquerade 2000 Band Launch Review – 24th March 2012

Masquerade 2000 have been going for 20 years. This is no small accomplishment for any mas band.

We were honored to be at this launch. The history of the band shines through in their organisation and structure. You can tell that every detail has been considered.

The Venue – The Gable in Central London. A wise choice of venue. It had adequate space to suit the purpose of the event. With 2 levels, the lower level was used as a ‘dressing’ room. Ground level was used for the revelers and spectators. The bar was well stock with premium drinks, the sound system was more than capable. My only gripe is that there is nowhere to park (this can be said of most places in Central London).

The Music – Provided by Dee Tee and CJay. A great duo. I can’t remember the last time I heard Dee Tee play. Its good to see he still has all the DJing magic and he isn’t afraid to use it.

The Vibe – The vibe was slow to build but when it got there it was niceness. All ages fetting and having fun peacefully in one space.

The Show – Being the busy information providing team that we are, we had to leave before the show (parade of the costumes) started. I can only image that it was a huge success. If you saw it please feedback on it in the comment area.

The Crowd – M2K are a good looking bunch (go see the pictures if you don’t believe me). The crowd was friendly and happy to be photographed. They mixed well with each other. A wide ranging age group all out to enjoy themselves in the community they love.


Did You Go To M2K’s Band Launch?

This is our Masquerade 2000 Band Launch Review.

What are your views on it?

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