Island Mas: Treasures – Review

Island Mas: Treasures – Review

Okay people so a lot of you are asking your friends that same age old question “Who are we playing mas with this year?!”

Well not destined to make it easier for you another band have launched their presentation for the road this year. Island Mas presents ‘Treasures’. This band is actually a very new band to Notting Hill Carnival, however their members have a substantial amount of experience with mas.


If you don’t know about Island Mas here is a little history for you… The band was formed in 2014 however this will be their first year on the road.

‘…committed to evoking the originality back into carnival just like we experience in the Caribbean by reliving our culture of carnival and ‘Playing ah mas’. – Island Mas

Being a predominantly Grenadian crowd, their theme plays homage to the national treasures.

They presented 3 sections.



Tropic Ice




The presentation started with a great scene-setting monologue to put you straight into the Isle of spice. To be perfectly honest I really didn’t know how they were going to portray this theme but I actually really loved the presentation. The three sections really meshed well for a great overall look. The stand out for me was definitely Labrisomous frontline, the detailing on the costume was a great adaptation. The front straps and gems resembling fish bones and scales.

All female costumes were designed by Rowan, and male costumes by Tanya Parris.

Just have to say a special shout out to Ms. Parris as I loved her Mens costumes, we all know Men don’t want anything to obstruct them from whining on woman so I think they are great options, especially her detailed chest pieces. The quality of mens costumes is a universal issue and I think the guys of this band will definitely have a lot of choice this year to play mas.



Watch the Video of the Presentation

Island Mas Costume & Package Prices:

  • Standard backline – £180- £230
  • Premium backline –  £225-£255
  • Frontline – £275-£350
  • Male costumes –  £140.

Your package with Island Mas actually includes a Sunday fun mas tshirt for their Jab Jab section which I think is a great incentive for their band members to enjoy the whole carnival weekend with them. With people having so many options for their carnival weekend having this added extra to their package included in their price is amazing. It also provides all the other ‘all-inclusive’ things like drinks, hot lunch, goodie bag, security etc.

I do wish the frontlines had a little more to it or an added option. With a significant price jump I was expecting a collar, or more elaborate headpiece option.

They did have a few different options in terms of design choices, including corsets or monokinis for ladies that are looking for an alternative to panty and bra mas. When registering they do also have different panty options also for those (not me) that are afraid of their beautiful bumcheeks.

The models gave great energy from start to finish and you could obviously see that they were very well rehearsed in their presentation. The music choice could have been a little more adapted to the theme but never the less the models kept poised and very old school, dancing throughout the presentation. I loved the fact that the models were masqueraders of the band and not just paid posey models, it just added to the whole theme. The band also presented their Jab Jab fun section, which was a great surprise to the finale presentation. Dressed in their tshirt and coved in black oil (okay it wasnt really oil), chains and horned helmets had everyone in absolute carnival day mode. What a way to let your masqueraders envision what their day will be filled with!


For a first year band launch I think Island Mas should be very happy with themselves, their obvious passion for mas and their masquerading family came across perfectly. I’m definitely expecting big things from this band if this is only their starting year.

Check out for all details on the band.

My mas score 8/10

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