Soca Frenzy: Black Out Fete With Skinny Fabulous and Tian Winter

This fete was long awaited especially for me as I missed last year’s one, so this year’s wasn’t passing me by (hook or by crook I was going to be there) and I’m so glad I was.

You could feel the vibes from the queue,  even though it was a mile long,everyone was pumped, dancing and singing waiting to get in, kitted out in black, (on lookers would have thought it was a late night funeral).

Inside the venue was ram, you had to hustle and bustle to get through the crowd, but the vibes was nice, bare love in the place. The DJ’s on rotation in the main room (DJ Bones, DJ Tate, DJ Shaker HD, plus others ) had the place popping, people thought as it was a Blackout affair,they could get on bad and they wouldn’t be spotted lol (you know who you are).

The long anticipated wait for the artist finally came. Tian Winter, Antiguan born known for his sing along bouncy flows with a number of big tunes from Hurricane to Pressure Waist plus loads more, had the crowd singing and swaying with his catchy lyrics.

Skinny Fabulous, St Vincent and Grenadines born, known for his mad energy and arsenal of tunes, General, Monster, Head Bad plus many many more, came out fully energised ready to shut down Scala, the venue erupted when he dropped “Monster “.

Both artist interacted well with the crowd by bringing individuals on stage to dance, getting the crowd to sing along drawing energy from the crowd, making it a more memorable and enjoyable experience/performance.

Overall I believe the night was a complete success, I can guarantee no one was disappointed with the line up, the vibes was immense, all I can say is look out for the next Soca Frenzy as it’s going to be BIG.

Review by Soca Bailey

Tian Winter Live On Soca Frenzy Stage

Apologies for the distortion, but that doesn’t stop the vibes, enjoy.

Skinny Fabulous Live On Soca Frenzy Stage

Apologies for the distortion, but that doesn’t stop the vibes, enjoy.


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