Notting Hill Carnival 2014: Chocolate Nation & Eclipse Mas Band Launch

This Notting Hill Carnival band launch season is catching pace and hotting up.  Chocolate Nation and Eclipse Mas put on the best band launch of theirs to date and the best launch for 2014 so far.

Alongside their extended teams and sections, Mas With A Difference and Trinity Design Collective was live performances by Triniboi Joocie and Destra Garcia. The night lived up to the hype and the promise.

The venue was packed. So much so that the air conditioning couldn’t cope with the amount of people and the vibes they were creating. The ice melted quicker than normal and the bar was selling out faster than expected. Did any of that stop people from having a ball? HELLS NO!

The costumes from all the sections looked great and got big responses from crowd. The live performances were on point. Triniboi Joocie sang his hits and gave us a taster of some of his new music for 2014 (and from what I have heard he is set to have another big year). Destra Garcia oozed experience, class, sexyiness and control. She had the crowd following her every command (and when they didn’t she went into the crowd to show them who was boss). She has to many hits to sing them all but we were lucky enough to get 80% of them. She is truly the #QueenOfBacchanal!

The galleries have been split into 5 sections for easier viewing. Feel free to comment and share your views in the comment area below.

Eclipse Mas & Chocolate Nation Costumes

[fancygallery id=”23″ album=”121″]

If you would like to play mas with Eclipse Mas or Chocolate Nation you can register and find out more information here: &

Mas With A Difference Costumes

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If you would like to play mas with Mas With A Difference you can register and find out more information here:

Trinity Design Collective

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If you would like to play mas with Trinity Design Collective you can register and find out more information here:

The Live Performances

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You, The Crowd

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