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Soca Pictures

Soca Day Fete

Soca Day Fete also DJ Remstar ‘s Birthday Party at Pow in Brixton.

It was a successful event especially for a cold Sunday in December. The vibe inside was pleasant, pure positivity everyone came out to enjoy themselves.

The DJ’ s played a

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Caribbean Sessions

Caribbean Sessions first event was a great success. Congrats

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The Wotless Jam

The Wotless Jam @ Club 43

The Wotless Jam

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Ruk-A-Tuk: Mardi Gras

Ruk A Tuk ‘s event Mardi Gras was a huge success, with tickets selling out online and queues to get into the venue.

Built on the simple concept of providing a quality event in a nice venue at a reasonable price was all it took. The vibe was on a high from start to finish, so much so the crowd didn’ t want it to end.


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Kings of Calypso

A rare night of back in times calypso brought

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Notting Hill Carnival Monday Pt 1

Come rain or shine, there ‘s no stopping carnival. And rain it did.. all damn day! This is only served as a reminder of the power of carnival and what it represents. After all the months of preparation, there was no way the rain was going to dampen the spirit of carnival or limit the freedom on the road.

Continuing with the 50th Anniversary, Notting Hill Carnival welcomed hundreds of revellers and endless mas bands to the streets of London. We’ ve said it before

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Notting Hill Carnival Sunday with Chocolate Nation Mas Pt 1

Notting Hill Carnival celebrated it ‘s 50th Anniversary this year and Chocolate Nation Mas did it BIG as their part of the celebration.

This is a milestone for all who love soca, calypso, pan, zouk, reggae, dub and all the musical genres that can be found on the streets of Notting Hill should be proud of, but it doesn’ t stop there. All

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